6 out of 18 JEE Main 2021 Rank 1 students hail from Kota classroom

The JEE Main 2021 outcomes which had been a lot awaited by over 7 lakh engineering aspirants was launched late on Tuesday evening, with 44 students scoring 100 percentile marks, out of whom 18 got All India Rank (AIR) 1 primarily based on the mixed outcomes of the 4 JEE Main periods held this yr.

Out of these 18 nationwide JEE toppers, 6 are students of Allen Career Institute in Kota — Anshul Verma, Siddhant Mukherjee, Mridul Goyal, Kavya Chopra, Pulkit Goyal, and Gurmrit Singh scored 300 out of 300 in several JEE Main 2021 periods.

Around 2.5 lakh students shall be declared eligible for JEE-Advanced within the outcomes. In which 1,01,250 students of basic class, 25 thousand of basic EWS, 67500 of OBC, 37500 of SC and 18750 of ST shall be included.

Aaj Tak acquired speaking to those sensible students who spoke about their preparation technique and future plans.

JEE Main toppers 2021 Siddhant Mukherjee and Anshul Verma

‘Kota fulfills dreams’: Siddhant Mukherjee

  • AIR 1
  • Class 10 marks: 98.4%
  • JEE Main February outcome: 100 percentile
  • DOB: November 18, 2003

Siddhant Mukherjee had been learning in Kota for 2 years after arriving in Class 11 with goals of changing into an IIT-ian. He lived along with his grandmother and his mother and father visited him from time to time.

Father Sandeep Mukherjee runs a danger administration firm and mom Nabanita Mukherjee is a financial institution worker. The household is initially from Mumbai.

“Students from all over the country come here, so you can get the best peer group for studies,” he says.

“I focused deeply on NCERT to prepare for JEE Main. I most focused on accuracy. Competition is good in Allen and teaching method is perfect,” says the JEE Main topper.

Siddhant had gone house for 5 months within the lockdown however continued on-line lessons to organize for the examination. He additionally bagged AIR 1 within the NSEJS Stage-1 Exam.

“After doing BTech in Computer Science from IIT Mumbai, I want to contribute to Innovative India in CS field,” he says.

The JEE Main topper has additionally obtained a proposal letter from Cambridge University in England.

“Along with studies, I am also fond of karate, am a black belt, I have got a gold medal in the Queens Commonwealth Essay Competition,” says the younger achiever.

‘Interested in playing cricket and chess’: Anshul Verma

  • AIR 1
  • JEE Main July outcome: 100 percentile
  • Class 10 marks: 98.4%
  • DOB: March 5, 2004

Raipur resident Anshul Verma scored 99.95 percentile in JEE Main February and 99.93 percentile in March makes an attempt and adopted it with a 100 percentile within the July session.

“I was not satisfied with both the results. That’s why I gave the third attempt in July, in preparation for which I got a lot of support from the expert faculty and study material of Kota,” says the JEE topper.

“I focused more on the NCERT syllabus and JEE Main special topics,” he says. Anshul has additionally secured AIR 26 in KVPY SX.

Father Dr. Krishna Kumar Verma is a veterinarian and mom Damayanti Verma is a authorities faculty headmaster.

“I study for 10 hours a day and go to play cricket for recreation or play chess with my father,” he says.

“My elder sister Roopal Verma is doing BTech from NIT Raipur. She had also prepared from Kota which inspired me to do the same. Kota is no match for coaching,” he says.

“Presently the focus is on JEE Advanced. I want to do BTech from CS branch of IIT Mumbai in future,” says the JEE topper.

Anshul additionally spoke of his classmate in Kota, Zenith Malhotra, who scored 100 percentile in his JEE Main March try.

“We used to live together, and discussed our doubts with each other. I thought when he could score 100 percentile then why couldn’t I?” he says.

“The strong peer group in Kota gives the students a chance to assess their own preparation. Everyone tries to do better than each other and because of this, there is a continuous improvement in the preparation of the student,” he says.

JEE Main toppers 2021 Mridul Agarwal and Pulkit Goyal

‘I study daily with a target in mind’: Mridul Aggarwal

  • AIR 1
  • JEE Main February outcome: 100 percentile
  • Class 10 marks: 98.2%
  • DOB: July 31, 2003

Mridul Aggarwal, who tried to make good use of the time, mentioned that he had been learning in Allen Institute for the final three years.

“I study with a daily target and sleep only after finishing that topic. In the mornings, I prepared what to study for the day and carried out self-study for 6 to 8 hours daily,” he says.

“I benefited in the last days due to the lockdown. Sitting at home and studying online helped a lot,” says the JEE topper.

Father Pradeep Agarwal is an accounts supervisor in a personal agency whereas mom Pooja Agarwal is a homemaker. The household is initially from Jaipur.

“Throughout the year, my mother and teachers motivated me a lot to study. It is good to watch movies to destress,” says Mridul.

“Now my target is JEE-Advanced and I want to study computer science from IIT Mumbai,” he provides. He additionally needs to launch his personal startup sooner or later.

‘Maths is my favorite, I enjoy solving questions’: Pulkit Goyal

  • AIR 1
  • JEE Main July outcome: 100 percentile
  • Class 10 marks: 98.6%
  • DOB: April 15, 2003

Pulkit has been a daily Kota classroom scholar for the final two years.

“This year I scored 99.88 in JEE Main first attempt, 99.92 in second attempt, 99.99 percentile in third attempt,” says the JEE Main topper.

Apart from this, he had scored 94.8 p.c in Class 12 and 98.6 p.c in Class 10.

“Allen has a great environment for studies. The teaching methodology here is the best, and the faculties are very supportive. If there is any doubt, the faculty is ready to help,” he says.

“Maths has been my favourite subject since the beginning and I enjoy solving the questions. My focus has always been to strengthen the basics of the subject,” he says.

Father Vijay Kumar Goyal is a businessman whereas mom Neelam Goyal is a homemaker.

“I do self-study for 7 to 8 hours daily and now, my full focus is on cracking JEE Advanced. I spend time with family for recreation. I want to do engineering in CS branch from IIT Mumbai,” says the JEE topper.

JEE Main toppers 2021 Guramrit Singh and Kavya Chopra

‘Aim to study computer science from IIT Mumbai’: Kavya Chopra

  • AIR 1
  • JEE Main March outcome: 100 percentile
  • Class 10 marks: 97.6%
  • DOB: January 6, 2004

Kavya is the primary scholar to attain full marks within the JEE Main examination.

“I had scored 99.97 percentile in February attempt but my target was 100 percentile score, so I gave JEE Main March attempt. I focused more on Chemistry and gave March attempts in a span of 15 days,” she says.

The JEE Main topper additionally certified NSEA in Class 11 and RMO in Class 9. After qualifying INJSO in Class 10, Kavya joined the camp organised at Jehangir Bhabha Centre, Mumbai. She has additionally certified IOQP, IOQC and IOQM.

“I do self-study for 7-8 hours every day and give equal time to all the three subjects,” she says.

“There is no Kota-like environment, best peer group and competition anywhere else in the country. So, I decided to come to Kota to prepare for JEE. Experienced faculties provide full support,” says the JEE topper.

Father Vikas Chopra is a software program engineer and mom Shikha Chopra is a trainer. The household resides in Delhi.

“My father is an engineer, so I was also interested in engineering. I love maths and physics and so, decided to go for JEE,” she says.

“In future I want to become a software engineer after doing BTech from IIT Mumbai CS branch,” says Kavya.

‘Allen support benefitted in lockdown’: Guramrit Singh

  • AIR 1
  • JEE Main February outcome: 100 percentile
  • Class 10 marks: 97%
  • DOB: March 4, 2003

“I study Physics for two hours in the morning. After this, I study chemistry for two to three hours during the day and maths at night,” Guramrit says about his preparation technique.

“Since coaching classes were not held during the lockdown, I saved the commuting time and utilised it for my studies. The lockdown benefitted me and Allen Institute faculties were always there to clear doubts. It was very beneficial to start online classes on time,” says the JEE Main topper.

Guramrit has additionally certified NSCJS, NSCEA, NTSE Stage-2, KVPY, and RMO.

“Along with studies every day, I play cricket or football for two hours in the evening. I am preparing for JEE Advanced. I talk to my parents for recreation,” says the JEE topper.

Father Priyadarshan Singh is a fabric service provider and mom Priti is a homemaker. The household initially resides in Chandigarh.

“After engineering, I want to serve in big company,” Guramrit says.

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