9 celebrities who were born under the lion sign

Hear them roar!

Leo season has arrived and Page Six is dishing on which celebrities embody the zodiac sign symbolized by the lion.

While Leos, born July 23 to August 23, are inventive, passionate, and cheerful, they will also be boastful, cussed, and self-centered. Unsurprisingly, these qualities could be present in a number of well-known folks born under the star sign.

Here is an inventory of all the celebs who exude Leo vitality to a tee.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in May 2021.
J. Lo is a complete Leo
Getty Images for Global Citizen

Jennifer Lopez, born July 24, 1969, reveals her Leo tendencies by means of her expertise.

“[Leos] are also the ultimate showmen,” costarastrology.com states. “They can dazzle with the theatrical flair of a Broadway star and the charisma of a politician. They are captivating personalities.”

Lopez is understood for her over-the-top performances and particularly made waves when she dazzled at the Super Bowl 2020 Half Time present with her pole-dancing routine.

Leos are additionally extremely bold folks and there’s no exception for J.Lo. The pop star not solely continues to high the charts together with her music, however she additionally started a skincare line in 2020 and she or he’s even taken on a stake in a number of enterprise ventures including a Viagra start-up.

But J.Lo additionally loves like a Leo, making her courting life a tumultuous one at that.

“Falling in love is easy for Lions. But finding a person who can match them and staying in love can be tough,” hososcopes.com states.

Lopez has been married and divorced three times and engaged twice with boyfriends in between. Following her split from ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez in March 2021, Lopez started dating another former fiancé, Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck in March 2019.
Ben Affleck is a Leo, like his girlfriend.

Ben Affleck, born August 15, 1972, has severe Leo vitality.

The actor shines as a Leo by means of his parenting of his three children, Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina, whom he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

“As a Leo parent, you care most about family loyalty, protection and affection,” Babycentre stories. “You’re passionate and genuine in your emotional displays, so your children know when you’re in a warm and enthusiastic mood. Equally, they know when you’re feeling down.”

Affleck is a dedicated father who has been noticed on a number of events making sure to fit family time into his schedule.

He even went out of his option to bond with girlfriend J.Lo’s children, lately spending time with her daughter alongside together with his personal youngsters.

And like his girlfriend, Affleck’s love life additionally proves he’s a full-fledged Leo.

“Passionate, intense, and fiery, Leo loves hard. For Leos, love itself—whether falling in love, thinking about love, making love—is one of their favorite things in the world,” horoscopes.com reports.

Affleck flits from one serious relationship to the next which was made clear when issues turned hot and heavy quite quickly between him and Lopez.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle in January 2018.
Meghan Markle is Leo royalty.
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meghan Markle, born August 4, 1981, reigns as a real Leo.

“Leo is one of the most controlling signs of the zodiac. Leo is another Fire sign, which means that these people can get heated up if pushed far enough,” cultureastrology.com writes. “Leos are self-confident, arrogant, bold, bossy – they are born leaders who are not afraid to voice their opinions and beliefs. They like things their way and tend to be extremely stubborn when it comes to their opinions or their views.”

As Page Six solely reported in 2020, Markle had “taken control” of Prince Harry. The duo finally ended up quitting the royal household and transferring to California the place they’ve been building an empire.

But Markle additionally reveals her Leo-ness by means of her power and honesty.

“Leos, much like their name, are strong, fierce, bold, courageous and regal in their lifestyles, ways and expression,” astrologyk.com writes.

Markle confirmed her power when she opened up about her struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts throughout her bombshell tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. She additionally fearlessly spoke out towards the royal household, sharing that there were a number of conversations about her son’s skin color.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner in February 2021.
Kylie Jenner is prepared for Leo season.

Kylie Jenner, born August 10, 1997, has the type of a Leo.

“Designer shades, bling-y accessories, or exclusive gear that you have to special order,” horoscope.com stories. “For Leo, it’s all about labels, and the more recognizable (and Instagrammable), the better.”

Jenner is understood for posting horny pictures of herself carrying costly designer labels and tends to go for a flashy aesthetic. She additionally wears numerous custom pieces and even likes to coordinate her expensive style together with her daughter Stormi.

But her Leo persona additionally reveals by means of her insecurities.

“Self-conscious and self-aware, Leos care deeply about how people see them, so they over-analyze themselves trying to make sure they are at the very least, likable and accepted and at the most, attractive and popular,” southfloridaastrologer.com states.

Jenner has spoken brazenly about how self-conscious she was earlier than getting her lip fillers, even admitting she felt “unkissable” in June 2021.

But her love life additionally proves she’s a Leo.

“Once in love or committed, Leos are stubbornly loyal and will do anything to protect and encourage their beloved,” according to compatible-astrology.com.

While Jenner and Travis Scott have dated on and off for years, there may be nonetheless a lot love for one another and she or he nonetheless makes certain to support the rapper as the co-parent their daughter Stormi.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes in January 2020.
Shawn Mendes sings to the tune of a Leo.
Getty Images

Shawn Mendes, born August 8, 1998, has all the makings of a Leo.

“Leo’s charisma and innate ability to lead guarantee they will almost always be at center stage–a place where they love to be,” psychiclibrary.com writes. “Leos are so full of warmth and optimism it is impossible to not find their company pleasurable. Fearless, powerful and dignified by nature, Leos make great leaders. The force of their will guarantees any task they tackle will be completed.”

Mendes has trailblazed his method by means of the music business, beginning out by singing covers on the now-defunct Vine app and rapidly rising to fame together with his music “Stitches” topping the charts in 2015.

And Mendes additionally has the coronary heart of a Leo, which is clear in his dedicated relationship with Camila Cabello.

“These lions are natural leaders and they enjoy cultivating friendships and romances that are artistically and creatively inspired,” (*9*).

Both Mendes and Cabello have collaborated on inventive initiatives, together with their hit songs “Señorita” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

And his Leo-like ardour is obvious contemplating the couple’s non-stop PDA over the years.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth in October 2017.
Chris Hemsworth radiates Leo vibes.
Getty Images for Disney

Chris Hemsworth, born August 11, 1983, is a Marvel-ous Leo.

The actor really reveals his Leo methods by means of his robust dedication to health.

“[Leos] know what they want, and they’ll do whatever they have to do to complete their goals. These people also like to keep up appearances, and a big part of that is keeping fit,” zodiacsigns-horoscope.com states.

Hemsworth is extremely dedicated to staying in form for his function as Thor. His coach even told Page Six that the actor eats eight meals a day to remain cumbersome.

Additionally, Hemsworth’s Leo persona is obvious inside his brotherly bonds.

“Leo-identities are very caring with their family,” astrology.care writes.

Hemsworth confirmed how essential household is to him when he defended his brother Liam following his breakup from Miley Cyrus, saying he “deserves much better” than the singer. He additionally spent time with Liam after their breakup.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne in February 2019.
Cara Delevingne isn’t any Leo poser.

Cara Delevingne, born August 12, 1992, is a mannequin Leo.

The mannequin’s Leo persona is clear by means of her courting life.

“Leos love beautiful things and will see your relationship as a beautiful thing too. They see beauty in life and their excitement is contagious. Honest and hard working, Leos usually make wonderful life partners and wonderful parents,” compatible-astrology.com writes.

Delevingne is understood for being somebody folks need to date and has racked up a long list of A-list suitors which have fallen for the loving Leo.

Leos are additionally extraordinarily loyal to these they’re shut with.

“Once you have earned their trust you will have an ally in Leo for life,” Zodiacfire.com states.

The mannequin’s loyalty shined brightly when she defended her ex-girlfriend Ashley Benson when the “Pretty Little Liars” star began courting G-Eazy after their break up.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas in March 2017.
Joe Jonas is a sucker for Leo habits.
Getty Images

Joe Jonas, born August 15, 1989, lives a Leo sort of life.

One method Jonas has proven his Leo tendencies is thru his charitable endeavors.

“Leos love to give. As a fire sign, Leos have a zest for life and enjoy helping others. You’ll catch them lending a hand to others in need and giving not only money but their time and effort as well,” YourTango reports.

Jonas and his spouse Sophie Turner notably donated 100 meals to an LA hospital amid the pandemic in April 2020.

And Jonas is equally Leo-like in the method he’s in his relationship.

“Leos love to love. They will take advantage of every opportunity to put you on a pedestal as their partner and shower you with encouragement and admiration. Compliments and flattery are par for the course,” tarot.com states.

Jonas is understood for talking extremely about Turner and has even gushed over her on social media a number of occasions.

And in June 2021, he posted in celebration of their wedding anniversary, writing, “The best two years of my life. Love you @sophiet.”


Madonna in 2021.
Madonna leads like a Leo

Madonna, born August 16, 1958, is a Leo by means of and thru.

The “Like a Prayer” singer displays her Leo tendencies by means of her fierceness.

“Leos hate being bossed around. They are very much in charge of their own worlds and their own destiny. Leos are perpetually wounded by the acts of betrayal and abandonment. Their pride is a sword that they wield to protect their sovereignty,” costaraastrology.com writes.

The Queen of pop really is aware of the right way to be a pacesetter and paved the method for a number of different artists together with her inventive creativity and ever-changing stylistic method to her artwork.

And her skill to not care what folks take into consideration her and to indicate her genuine self additionally proves she is an exemplary Leo.

“Leo is probably the most outgoing of all the signs, and because they love adoration and attention, they know how to take center stage anywhere they go,” Vix.com writes.

Madonna is aware of the right way to put all of it on the market, particularly when she bares all or participates in a sexy photo-op.

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