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On June 9, Badshah (Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia) dropped his new single, ‘Paani Paani’. Like many of his tunes, this was a music you watched earlier than you heard. The video featured a svelte Jacqueline Fernandez. She added an apparent oomph to Badshah’s already peppy quantity. In only one week, the video had been watched over 65 million occasions on YouTube. We have, of course, been right here earlier than. Last yr, Fernandez featured in the video of ‘Genda Phool’. With over 820 million YouTube hits, it’s Badshah’s biggest ever hit. Though the songs are totally different—‘Genda Phool’ sampled a Bengali people music, whereas ‘Paani Paani’ employs parts of Rajasthani people—they adhere to a examined formulation. They have that very same cocksure perspective.

Badshah asks us not to take a look at ‘Paani Paani’ as a sequel. The 35-yr-previous says, “I had visualised Jaqueline while making the song and when I sent it to her, she called me instantly and said, ‘This is a blockbuster. We have to do it.’” Badshah’s entry to Bollywood’s A-listers has been arduous-received. Having joined Mafia Mundeer in 2006—a hip-hop crew that included the likes of Yo Yo Honey Singh and Raftaar—Badshah says he was blissful writing for others and giving inventive inputs. When, nonetheless, one seems at the video of his and Yo Yo’s ‘Get Up Jawani’ (2011), it seems clear that Badshah was solely a wingman, an understudy at greatest.

Badshah with Jacqueline Fernandez in the video of ‘Pani Pani’

In 2014, when in poor health-well being compelled Yo Yo to retreat from the public gaze, he left behind a vacuum. The Hindi movie trade was lacking a musician who might belt out foot-tapping Punjabi tunes that might draw kids to each nightclubs and cinemas. Badshah, who broke out on his personal in 2012, slowly got here to fill this hole. His music ‘Saturday Saturday’ was included in the Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (2014) soundtrack, however, lastly, it was after his ‘Abhi Toh Party’ was heard in Khoobsurat (2014) that Badshah grew to become a family identify. His sound and sensibility, many stated, had been cleaner than Yo Yo’s.

“That rivalry between me and Yo Yo has never existed in my mind,” says Badshah. “I think grown-ups believe in healthy competition, not rivalries. I’m not being diplomatic. I have to look at what I can do.” Unlike Yo Yo Honey Singh, who for a while centered solely on Bollywood, Badshah continued to make sure his unbiased discography didn’t develop into a casualty. His singles like ‘DJ Waley Babu’ (2015) and ‘Wakhra Swag’ (2015) are nonetheless get together anthems. Some even credit score him for having revived a languishing pop scene. “I do not want credit. Just give me your love and my money,” laughs Badshah.

Unlike the rapper’s unbiased repertoire, the place he, as an example, cheekily references Barack Obama and Kim Kardashian, Badshah’s output for Bollywood can come to appear bland. The remixes, particularly, generally jar: “I myself find substandard some of the songs I have remixed for Bollywood. I hate myself for doing it, for compromising on the quality of my work, for just jumping on this bandwagon.”

In 2020, Badshah, it appeared, couldn’t shake off criticism or controversy. Though he had sampled Ratan Kahar’s Bengali verse for ‘Genda Phool’, he had not credited him. Some felt this was tantamount to plagiarism. In August, he was then accused of shopping for 72 million faux views for his 2019 single ‘Paagal’. Badshah claims he’s harmless on each counts. “But my honest reaction is ‘to hell with it’. Pseudo-intellectuals will trash my songs during the day and then dance to those very songs at night.”

Badshah says two issues have modified for him since he began out: he feels extra starvation and extra stress. “I have been stereotyped into this commercial artiste who will not be able to compete with those rapping in the underground. I came across this comment the other day—‘How will he rap if he is driving a Rolls Royce?’ There are all these stereotypes I am now hungry to break.” Badshah has just lately drawn inspiration from Fotty Seven and KR$NA, rappers he has collaborated with, however his solely competitors, he says, is that backbencher spitting rhymes, “the guy without a care in the world”.

Badshah’s life objective is hardly shocking: “I want Elon Musk to send me to Mars. My audience will be the universe and there’ll be a live telecast. That’s how long I wanna last. I want to be the first universal artiste.” For now, although, his dad and mom are retaining him grounded. Badshah has been dwelling with them since the pandemic struck final yr. “It is such a joy to argue with them and then eat their food.” His father needed him to be an IAS officer. Is he proud of this flip of occasions? “Oh, he will always be worried!”

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