‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Daisy Kelliher Is A Perfect Chief Stew

Below Deck Sailing Yacht didn’t have an ideal first season. The Bravo franchise started airing in February 2020 and folks appeared to look at and keep it up just because we have been trapped at residence and it was on. But the pandemic additionally helped the present course appropriate for its second season, when a wholly new crew, save for the beautiful Captain Glenn, boarded Parsifal III in Croatia, one of many solely locations accessible for a present like this to occur final summer season.

Amongst this crew was a wide range of yachties that proved to be the right combination of sexy and messy and catty to maintain us tuned in each Monday evening. But past the making out and messing up, customary Below Deck fare, Sailing Yacht has additionally achieved one thing uncommon this season: they’ve discovered the right chief stew.

Kate Chastain and Hannah Ferrier formed the position on Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean for six and 5 seasons respectively, and when each left their reveals final yr, it felt unlikely that one other individual might make that very same impression on viewers and fellow crew members alike. Would there ever be one other chief stew we’d bathe with crown emojis?

Enter 34-year-old Daisy Kelliher, a chief stew from Ireland that, because the web would possibly say, understood the task. She’s confirmed to be precisely the proper steadiness for the position: she’s competent at her job, snarky in her interviews, and simply plain enjoyable to look at. I spoke to Daisy over Zoom final week the place she joined me from Palma in Mallorca, Spain, the place she’s at the moment engaged on a yacht. I knew this as a result of though she was wearing a fairly, flowery yellow costume about to move out for the evening, she was clearly seated in a crew mess, full with radios charging behind her.

“It was never particularly a dream or desire of mine,” Daisy confessed about becoming a member of a Below Deck present. “I think if Covid hadn’t come around, I would’ve never done the show, so finding the silver linings in everything. Thank you Covid for giving me that opportunity,” she laughed.

Her Bravotv.com bio states that Daisy is a “yachting legacy” contemplating her grandfather was an Olympic sailor for Ireland in 1964 and plenty of members of the family, together with her mother and father, aunts, and uncles have additionally served as yachties. But she’s additionally creating her personal legacy on the present, as she’s confirmed she will be able to smile at company, bicker with the chef, gossip along with her fellow stews, and take pictures with the crew, all whereas remaining likable, answerable for her division, and hilarious on TV. But even she wasn’t so certain at first.

“There were a few friends who texted me after being let go from my job; the industry was very unstable and they said, ‘I think you should go for it,’” she recalled when it got here to making use of for this season of the Bravo present. “I was like, I have nothing to lose. I never thought I would actually get it. And then when it started getting closer and they offered it to me, I was like, you know what? Why not? Maybe this is an opportunity I should grab and do something different and fun, and I did it.”

It was not solely an inexpensive outlook on the entire state of affairs that Daisy had working in her favor, however many different parts as nicely. For one: she was accustomed to the present. “One of the engineers on our boat encouraged us to watch it,” she stated of a earlier job. “There is a stigma in the industry about the show, but it’s a really good bonding thing because everybody can get involved. It’s not quite like the other reality TV shows, it was something we could all talk about and relate to around the crew mess. We would pause, it would take like two hours to watch it because we’d be like,'[Gasp] I can’t believe she did that, that’s not how I would do that!’ So we enjoyed the show and we got into it and mainly it gave us all something to watch and bond over.”

But it’s not as if Daisy was taking notes or planning out what her personal expertise on the present is perhaps. In reality, she did the alternative. “I had very few expectations,” she stated, and admitted that she spent essentially the most power even deciding if she needed to enroll in the present or not. “Once I had decided and it had been confirmed, it was quite close to the date of joining the boat and at that stage, I just thought about not overthinking it. I overthink everything and I get myself into a rabbit hole. I had watched the show but I thought if I didn’t have an expectation, I couldn’t be let down and that was kinda what happened. I just took it as it came and it was fun. It was good.”

She additionally made it some extent to not attain out to earlier forged members for recommendation, however did fear a bit about what her coworkers would possibly suppose. “I was almost a bit embarrassed to say that I was on the show because you sit around the crew mess and you are like, ‘Why do these people do it, it’s career suicide!’ And then when I made the decision to do it, I was so shocked at how many people supported me. I thought a lot of people would try to talk me out of it, which they didn’t, they were surprisingly supportive.” While she stated the prevailing opinion within the trade is “It’s rubbish being on reality TV,” she felt the shift as soon as she revealed she’d be on the present. “They’re like, ‘Actually, why not? That might be a good move for you and I think you’d be good at it.’”

There was only one factor Daisy was involved about being good at although. “It was very important for me to do a good job, that was my main thing. I didn’t want to seem bad at my job. Not only did I feel like I was representing myself, but I was representing previous and future employers. I didn’t want people to go up to my old captain and be like, ‘Why did you hire that girl? How did you work with her for three years, she was so rubbish!’ So it was important for me to do a good job, at any job I do, but particularly at something that’s so public. They were all supportive before and I think they’re all supportive now, so they seem pretty happy,” she stated of her colleagues. “I think the biggest compliment since the show’s aired is my friends going, ‘That is literally you. There’s no shadow of a doubt that you [didn’t] put on any kind of performance or played up to anything.’ So that was nice to know that my true personality shined through.”

And the folks that know her finest had just one fear about Daisy becoming a member of the present. “All of my friends and family, their biggest concern was like, you can’t hook up with someone. I’m like, do you know me? I don’t hook up with anyone! I make bad choices in men and I make really stupid choices. When I get in lust or in love or caught up, I can follow through with that. Out of nine years [in the industry] I think I’ve kissed one crew member and another crew member it’s gone a little further and that’s not a lot, in my opinion, in a work environment. So I know myself and I knew that it was very unlikely that I would end up in a romance with someone. But I get very caught up quickly,” she laughed, “So I think my friends were on edge like, ‘We know Daisy, and if there’s someone she likes, all rationality goes out the window.’”

Daisy went on to say, “My job is very important for me and if I did choose to engage in something further, it would have to be somebody I really cared about to jeopardize my job. In six weeks [how long they’re on the boat for], for me, that’s just not a possibility. And then the fact that I wasn’t attracted to Gary or JL and that Colin was taken, that was also physically not possible as well for me to hook up.”

I did must ask about Colin, the opposite crew member this season that has been a pleasure to look at, and Daisy confirmed it was simply as nice to work with him. “He’s great at his job, he’s super helpful, and what I thought was really cool about him as well is, he could’ve gone to bed a lot earlier than he did. Other crew members did, you don’t quite see that in the show. They seem like they party a lot harder than they did, when in reality, it was really Gary, Alli, Sydney, and Colin who stayed up the latest most nights. And actually me, close behind, which is really funny because on the show it looks like I go to bed really early,” she laughed. “But that’s what I really liked about Colin; he was level-headed, he was definitely my go-to person. As much as Alli was my good friend and I was able to go to her, she was quite green and it does show on the show. Often when I went to vent to her, she was quiet because not only does she not want to say anything bad about anyone else, but she also didn’t really understand the situation. She didn’t really understand Natasha’s role, she didn’t really understand the impact Gary’s actions were having. So when I was venting, she did the right thing. She wasn’t sure what to say because she’s never been on a boat that size before. Colin was a good sounding board, so we grew our connection through that. But yeah, nobody’s perfect, but he’s not far off.”

Though that’s a praise her stews might additionally share about working along with her. This season is one in every of only a few the place the chief stew is just not coping with drama in her personal division. She’s flanked by two competent ladies that get the job accomplished (and nicely!) with little to no complaints alongside the way in which. “For me, it was a very natural team, that was the way I would expect my team to be,” Daisy stated. “I am a relaxed chief stew, and I think you can see with my team I was very relaxed or with anyone that did their job. Do your job and I don’t care what you do. The times I got more highly strung were the times when I felt like people were pushing back against me. If I give you a comment or a discussion at least let’s work together in the right direction.”

She went on to say, “Dani is very qualified. To a point, more qualified than me. Alli, she was everything I expected from a green stew. She asked the right questions. I joke saying, ‘There’s never a stupid question.’ There are a million stupid questions, don’t waste my time. Ask good questions. And she did. Her questions were valid and the rest of the time she used her initiative. I’d say, go do this, and you could tell she’d never done it before, but she would use Google or look at a book or use her brain, and with something that was a bit more complicated, she’d come to me or Dani.”

“Personality-wise, I’m a girl’s girl, I have no interest in having friction with any of my team,” she continued. “The two of them came to me and said, ‘You know what was great about you, was at times we worked really well because we wanted to help you and we wanted to make you look good.’ That’s what you should get from your subordinates if they respect you and like you, and if they don’t, they are gonna work against you. That’s the way I’ve run every team I’ve ever had so hopefully with future teams I would expect the same, but I know that’s probably not gonna happen,” she stated with a smile.

The solely drama Daisy was actually concerned on this season, aside from a small little bit of butting heads with Gary in an interior-exterior rift that fairly frankly appeared a bit played-up for the present, was the usual friction with Chef Natasha. I imply, she needed to have some drama or she would’ve appeared too good to be true, proper? But as Daisy defined of her relationship with the chef, “I was never not friends with her, it was all on a professional basis. When you’ve been doing it as long as I have, you know that work is work and then you have to put it behind you and go out for your crew meals. So for me, I never had a problem with her personally.” If something, their rifts would play out extra of their interviews for the present than within the precise galley. “I gauged Natasha quite quickly,” Daisy stated. “If somebody pushed back that quickly, you know straight away, ok this person doesn’t want to hear what I have to say. I was quite surprised because I know everyone says, ‘Oh chefs, they never take feedback well.’ I’ve worked with some amazing chefs and they are like, ‘Daisy give me more.’ So I’ll say, ‘Well they left the potato behind or they said it was a bit salty.’ It sucks to hear but that’s my job to pass it on and it’s their job to take it on. With Natasha, I was taken aback, and honestly, I find her quite intimidating.” So whereas Daisy isn’t a fan of any battle, she additionally needed the perfect for Natasha and needed her to look good and thought passing any suggestions on was in her finest curiosity. “But it wasn’t shocking to see what she said about me,” she shrugged after we mentioned a few of the harsher interview clips. “She texted me saying, ‘Oh I called you the B-word!’ and I was like, ‘Natasha, we both knew we were gonna slag each other off, it’s just a show and unfortunately we have to hear opinions we don’t want to hear, and no hard feelings.’ I never had an issue with Natasha, I never had an issue with anyone, but we’re friends now and she’s apologized to me which I didn’t expect but I graciously accepted.”

And in case you thought the checklist of explanation why Daisy was an distinctive chief stew is operating low, it’s not. She additionally will get together with the captain. Certainly not at all times the case in Below Deck world, however usually a greater expertise for all involving and watching when it does occur. “He’s the exact kind of captain I look to work for,” Daisy stated of Captain Glenn. “He’s not a micromanager and he’s just funny, helpful, he stands back and does his job, he intervenes when he needs to. I think he’s great at his job. It was funny because after the show, one of the girls texted me being like, ‘So we had this really weird conversation with Glenn that he thought you hated him,’ and I thought the exact same thing! But with me I was just working, I wasn’t there to… I’m not anywhere to build friendships. If they naturally happen, great, but I don’t join a boat to be like, oh I can’t wait to see how many friends I make. So I was like oh my god, no I love Glenn, I thought he hated me! I think both of us would happily work with each other any day of the week.”

Daisy has continued working along with her stews in a weekly IGTV collection they name “Pita Party” the place they break down that week’s episode, and it’s served as the principle purpose she’s stayed in contact with Alli and Dani, whereas she’s working in Spain they usually’re at the moment in Australia. But she’s additionally been reaching out, now that Dani has given beginning to a child lady — who was doubtless conceived throughout or immediately after the present filmed final summer season. “I care for Dani a lot and what she’s going through and her future,” Daisy stated. “I have sent her a present, I’m sure she’ll show everyone, it’s very small, very cute,” she smiled. “But I do try not to overwhelm her with messages, I’m like that in nature anyway. I know she’s really tired at the moment and quite overwhelmed, and I’m sure her Instagram and WhatsApp are going off. So I’m like, ‘I’m here for you, I hope you’re doing ok,’ and I know that if she did need anything, she’d be quick on the phone to me and Alli.”

In reflecting on the season, Daisy stated, “Yeah I really enjoyed it. I think I did a good job, I’m glad that my personality and my dry humor, which I know everybody doesn’t get, kind of shined. I actually texted Alli yesterday, ‘My favorite thing about the show is how hard you laugh at me.’ No one else found me nearly as funny. Every time I made a snarky comment, Alli’s in the back laughing and you can see it in the show. But I thought it was great, I was lucky to be able to experience something like that. I’m lucky to be in yachting, I’m lucky to have done something like that, and yeah, I made some good friends, some good tips and I got to see how reality TV works so it was a win-win for me.” But would she return? “Yeah if I was invited and the time was right, I’m sure I would.” She acknowledged that she had a “luckier experience” than others, saying that when she watched the present, “Overall, my demeanor, my humor, my management, none of it really surprised me. I was like, that’s who I am and I’m ok with that.”

Another one who could be very pleased with that’s former Below Deck chief stew Kate Chastain who informed me, “I absolutely love Daisy. She’s great at her job, she works hard, and she just seems like she’d be fun to hang out with — an important quality in a person if you’re going to be stuck on a boat together. I remember the exact moment I knew Daisy was a badass. She had just found out someone messed up a guest cabin so she immediately got on the radio and called a crew meeting. I remember thinking, ‘Wait..the chief stew called a crew meeting?!’ I never knew I was allowed to do that! It never even occurred to me! It was such a boss move.”

Kate may even be joyful to know that Daisy obtained pretty tipsy for the reunion. “I started drinking at like 3 pm and I didn’t eat so I only remember the first five minutes and I don’t remember anything after that,” she confessed. “I am really embarrassed. I’m on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen next week and I have to apologize. I can’t tell you what happened at the reunion, I don’t remember! A lot came out, a huge amount of information that I knew, so none of it was a shock to me, but a lot of it was shocking to the other cast members. It was intense in that way but there was no aggression or shouting or anything like that. It wasn’t as bad as what I thought.” But after all she’s nonetheless strolling away from it with a lesson, particularly after getting textual content messages from two of the crew members noticing her tipsiness: “Don’t drink on an empty stomach and then record a TV show, it’s not gonna end well.”

Though it sounds as if the remainder of this season, which has simply two extra episodes earlier than the reunion particular, does finish fairly nicely. “My favorite moment is yet to come,” Daisy shared. “It’s on the last night when we’re all in the hot tub, I got so much joy out of it. You see it in the trailer, we’re all in bath bubbles that we put in the jacuzzi. I haven’t felt joy like that in… it was so weird. I was like, this is amazing. And also the dinner on our last night as well, there were a lot of tears but all good tears. It was just a great experience. I’m glad it’s coming to an end though, I’m done with seeing me on TV.” Too dangerous for her, as a result of the remainder of the world actually is just not.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Monday at 9 pm ET/PT on Bravo.

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