Biden risks ‘special relationship’ and other commentary

Foreign desk: Biden Risks ‘Special Relationship’

President Biden’s “broadside against Britain” is “perplexing,” complains Douglas Murray at UnHerd. Just earlier than heading to England for the G7 summit, Team Biden advised “Yael Lempert — its most senior diplomat in the UK — to accuse Boris Johnson of imperiling the Irish peace process over Brexit.” It displays a “non-pragmatic side to the Biden administration,” one which’s “deeply ideological” and would “risk a diplomatic fallout” to fulfill the Democrats’ “dogmatically pro-Irish reunification agenda.” A yr in the past, Chuck Schumer even issued effectively needs to Sinn Fein, “a political party that approves of terrorism.” Dems would “sacrifice Brexit for a united Ireland,” and Biden’s transfer suggests his administration “views British democracy as a threat to its own ideological agenda.”

Anti-violence chief: The High Price of ‘Defund’

The anti-violence Woodson Center household simply misplaced one in every of its personal, mourns the organization’s founder, Robert L. Woodson Sr., at The Wall Street Journal. Makhi Buckly, a 19-year-old black pupil athlete and grandson of “Carl Hardrick, one of our most faithful leaders in youth violence prevention,” was fatally shot on Memorial Day. Carl’s phrases “broke my heart: ‘It’s my job to keep kids safe, but I can’t even protect my own grandson.’ ” Hundreds of minority households have misplaced kids to “senseless violence over the past year,” but the press “ignores any victim who isn’t killed” by police. Meanwhile, the “Defund the police” motion has “actually gotten innocent black people killed.” Crime has “skyrocketed,” and “our families” have “paid the price.” “Defund” is “a death sentence for innocent black children.”

Fiscal watchdog: Port Authority’s $1B Workers

Payroll prices for the Port Authority “crossed the billion-dollar threshold” in 2020, report the Empire Center’s fiscal experts, with its 9,000 energetic workers incomes a median of $112,109 every; greater than half (55 p.c) made six figures, together with 607 paid greater than $200,000 and 60 greater than $300,000. The $1.002 billion 2020 tab marked a leap of practically $160 million over 2018 and $5 million over 2019. The company’s police division was its highest-earning group, with 69 workers amassing $100,000 in additional time alone — together with 20 p.c of lieutenants and 10 p.c of sergeants. The PA’s prime breadwinner: Det. Richard Paugh, who scored $415,126 final yr, together with $45,881 in additional time and $91,630 in retroactive pay.

Conservative: Jeffrey Toobin’s Infuriating Return

Woke social-justice warriors who implement cancel tradition usually “permit no room for error, no room for dissent, no room for disagreement or pushback,” so the choice by CNN to deliver again Jeffrey Toobin after he infamously uncovered himself on a Zoom name is “madness,” declares National Review’s Jim Geraghty. Toobin’s departure “should have opened up opportunities for some other lawyer who can explain legal concepts in layman’s terms.” And since nobody was clamoring for his return, the one rationalization is that “Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN, wants him back.” It’s a shameless and “almost gleeful celebration of unaccountability, an in-your-face, spiking-the-football mentality that once you’ve reached a certain level of success in the world of television news . . . no one can ever get rid of you, no matter what you do.”

Economist: Infrastructure Deal Isn’t Worth Cost

President Biden and a Senate group are engaged on a bipartisan compromise to fund conventional infrastructure spending, however “the emerging deal is a bad investment,” warns Benjamin Powell at The Hill. “Republican and Democratic politicians agree that a massive increase in infrastructure funding is a good investment,” and they’d be proper “if infrastructure spending was financed by cuts in government consumption and transfer payments.” But neither celebration is proposing that. Instead, “this infrastructure bill would decrease economic freedom through both increased government spending and higher tax rates,” which can strangle personal funding and financial development. Despite the consensus, “the American economy would be better off if the whole deal was scrapped and more avenues for greater private investment in infrastructure were created.”

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