Biden’s downhill presidency and other commentary

From the precise: Biden’s Downhill Presidency

At The Wall Street Journal, Gerard Baker wonders if President Biden “peaked on Inauguration Day” — because the outdated joke says the Chicago Cubs did each Opening Day. Biden’s “promise to bring healing to a fractured nation didn’t last the short ride back down Pennsylvania Avenue on Jan. 20.” Now, the “sudden change” in masks recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has “undermined” his claims to control “at all times by data and facts.” The Gaza-Israel battle was “another unwelcome intrusion of reality into the wonder world of Democratic progressivism.” And per week’s value of official financial information — revealing a “slowdown in job growth, uptick in unemployment and [the] biggest leap in retail prices in more than a decade” — instantly “challenged” Team Biden’s “entire governing premise.”

Culture critic: Identity Politics for Kids

“When it comes to consciousness raising, you can never start too early,” snarks Melanie McDonagh at Spectator USA. Ibram X. Kendi’s “Antiracist Baby,” a “board book for infants,” tells tykes to “open your eyes to all skin colors” as a result of claiming to be colorblind closes them “to what’s right in front of you.” Vice President Kamala Harris’ “The Truths We Hold: Young Readers’ Edition” is one other new e-book pushing “identity politics in the kindergarten.” These works are half of a bigger development “whereby children’s books are now overtly or subliminally designed to inculcate a set of approved values,” together with on “race and sexuality.” Sadly, this “reductionist take” on kidlit gained’t “make children more likely to devour books” and develop a lifelong love of studying.

Economy watch: When States Nix Federal Funds

It’s “rare” for a state to show down federal cash, particularly to enhance its personal economic system — but a number of states are doing simply that, observe the Washington Examiner’s editors. “The Biden administration’s foolish decision to extend increased unemployment benefits through the summer is clearly retarding the job market’s recovery.” For many employees, “the increased benefit makes it at least as profitable not to work as it is to work. And how can you blame anyone for not working if it actually costs them money?” Which is why states at the moment are “taking matters into their own hands and cutting off expanded benefits, even though that means giving up federal money.” And when their job markets get well quickly, Biden “will be in a difficult place explaining why.”

Foreign desk: Kushner Looks Wiser Than Ever

The Trump years had “no greater laughingstock in the American foreign-policy cognoscenti than Jared Kushner,” recalls Shany Mor at Newsweek. Yet simply 4 months after the institution took over, the state of affairs in Israel and the Palestinian territories took “a dramatic turn for the worst.” Kushner-era insurance policies didn’t “lead to an ‘explosion,’ ” because the specialists predicted time and once more, however “the return of the experts . . . led to disaster.” Above all, Team Biden’s push for Palestinian elections — which had been scheduled, then inevitably canceled, lest Hamas gained — “promised to invite a violent provocation from Hamas to assert its primacy in Palestinian politics.” We noticed “that violence unfold” over the previous two weeks.

Science beat: About Those ‘UFOs’ . . .

Ambiguous infrared movies have stirred up concern that “UFOs may pose a serious threat to national security,” however “the videos disclosed so far all have obvious potential terrestrial explanations,” notes Andrew Follett at National Review. One is “almost certainly a seabird or balloon distorted” by the digicam’s parallax impact. Another appears to indicate “a passenger plane from a distance.” The final is definitely defined by “a meteor breaking up, or pieces of space junk burning up, in Earth’s atmosphere.” All these could have ultimately been recognized, however by letting the media frenzy play out, the navy can “divert attention from classified projects or accidents.” While the “human fascination with UFOs” hasn’t modified, neither has “the weakness of the evidence that the unidentified objects are anything more alien than geese.”

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