Bill Maher may be the only one who can save the left from itself

One day in 2019 whereas sitting in my LA residence, I acquired a name from a well-recognized voice who mentioned Bill might meet us at the Polo Lounge on Friday after his present. 

“Bill, who?” I requested. 

“Bill Maher,” responded Ann Coulter. “Remember our discussion earlier in the week?” 

I had forgotten she talked about us having dinner with him. 

As we waited for Maher to reach, I already felt a rush of pleasure from the strong dialog I knew we’d have. And strong it was. If you possibly can have been a fly on the wall and heard this dialog, you may have been shocked to learn the way cheap Maher is on some points. 

I do know what you’re in all probability considering: Bill Maher is affordable? 

After all, that is the man who has made a profession of beating up on Republicans weekly, to not point out questioning values like religion in God. 

Yet, regardless of all this, it seems Maher has develop into the most outstanding voice of motive on the left — at a time when there doesn’t appear to be many cheap voices on the left in any respect. 

Recently Maher spoke out in opposition to these who allege America has made no progress towards racial reconciliation. He used the time period “progressophobia,” calling it “a brain disorder that strikes liberals and makes them incapable of recognizing progress. It’s like situational blindness, only what you can’t see is that your dorm in 2021 is better than the South before the Civil War.” 

Bill Maher regularly engages people with opposing views like conservative pundit Ann Coulter.
Bill Maher usually engages folks with opposing views like conservative pundit Ann Coulter.

Maher is totally appropriate. The notion that America has made no progress towards a extra excellent union is an absurd, false narrative. Yet the left, particularly the Democratic Party, continues to push this poison on the American folks. It appears the Democrats would, opposite to their rhetoric, relatively preserve the lie going to lock in a everlasting base of African-American voters than inform the fact and search nationwide unity. 

I focus on such hypocrisy of the Democratic Party concerning race in America with NFL Super Bowl winner and Republican Rep. Burgess Owens on a latest episode of my podcast, “Outloud with Gianno Caldwell.” 

In his essential diatribe in opposition to progressivism run amok, Maher even goes after fellow comic Kevin Hart, who is arguably the greatest star in the enterprise. 

“There’s a recurrent theme on the far left that things have never been worse!” Maher exclaimed. “Kevin Hart expressed a view many maintain when he advised the New York Times, ‘You’re witnessing white energy and white privilege at an all-time excessive.’ 

Maher shocked people when he defended Florida's GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, saying he got it right on COVID.
Maher shocked folks when he defended Florida’s GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis, saying he acquired it proper on COVID.
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“This is one of the big problems with wokeness,” Maher continued, “that what you say doesn’t have to make sense or jive with the facts or even be challenged lest the challenge be conflated with racism.” 

This wasn’t the first time Maher attacked his personal facet. Back in April, Maher shocked folks when he defended Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, from the media and the Democratic Party. In a section on his HBO speak present, Maher mentioned DeSantis is “a voracious consumer of the scientific literature” who acquired it proper on COVID. 

“And maybe that’s why he protected his most vulnerable population, the elderly, way better than did the governor of New York,” Maher added, knocking New York’s Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo. “Those are just facts; I know it’s irresponsible of me to say them.” 

Maher may be a staunch liberal, however he’s a voice of motive on the left, unafraid to name out wokeness run amok. If the above moments don’t persuade you, take a look at his tackle progressives’ push without spending a dime school. 

“I know that free college is a left-wing thing, but is it really liberal for someone who doesn’t go to college and makes less money to pay for people who do go and make more?” Maher asked. “Especially since colleges have turned into giant luxury day care centers with overpaid babysitters anxious to indulge every student whim.” 

When Lin-Manuel Miranda took heat for a lack of minority representation in his new film, Maher clapped back: “You’re the guy who made the founding fathers black and Hispanic! I don’t think you have to apologize to Twitter.”
When Lin-Manuel Miranda took warmth for a scarcity of minority illustration in his new movie, Maher clapped again: “You’re the guy who made the founding fathers black and Hispanic! I don’t think you have to apologize to Twitter.”

You may marvel why Maher has taken such a flip in opposition to his get together and the media. Here’s one reply: He’s staunchly politically incorrect. Indeed, in an interview with Jordan Peterson, Maher mentioned political correctness is the elevation of sensitivity over fact. He’s proper once more. 

I hope the left is listening, as a result of Maher appears to be the only main voice on the left that also believes in widespread sense on a number of points — even in the face of cancel tradition, which he rightly views as ridiculous and silly. 

Last weekend Maher made one other wonderful level about director Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda, who is of Puerto Rican heritage, was slammed on Twitter as a result of the solid of his film, “In the Heights,” about the Washington Heights space of New York City, didn’t symbolize the Afro-Latinx group. After Miranda issued an extended, agonized apology, Maher clapped again: “You’re the guy who made the founding fathers black and Hispanic! I don’t think you have to apologize to Twitter.” Maher mentioned he doesn’t assume Miranda actually believes an apology is so as however “he just wants to avoid the news cycle, and I don’t blame him,” including, “This is why people hate Democrats; It’s cringey.” Once once more, Maher couldn’t be extra appropriate in his assertion. 

To be clear, Maher will get it unsuitable loads of occasions, from Russiagate to his criticism of Sen. Joe Manchin, who is seemingly the only Democrat in the Senate who believes bipartisanship ought to be greater than a speaking level. 

But the massive image, I’ve concluded that Bill Maher is the only individual who can save the left from itself. Whether Democrats heed Maher’s warnings or proceed their descent into woke insanity stays an open query. 

Gianno Caldwell is a Fox News Political Analyst and the creator of “Taken for Granted: How Conservatism Can Win Back the Americans That Liberalism Failed” (Crown Forum), out now.

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