Biohacker Ari Rastegar claims to have body of a little kid

Real-estate tycoon Ari Rastegar, who turned 39 final month, is blessed with boyish attractiveness, an adoring household and hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of {dollars}.

He additionally claims he has the organic age of a 5-year-old.

The real-life Peter Pan, included within the 2021 Power 100, a checklist of probably the most highly effective business real-estate gamers put out by the Commercial Observer on Monday, claims his rivals are left within the mud thanks to excessive, fashionable practices corresponding to stem-cell remedy and meditation inside a hyperbaric chamber.

“I always joke that, apart from my baby daughter, I’m the youngest Rastegar,” the fast-talking CEO instructed The Post. “I think my lifestyle and health give me the competitive edge.”

Rastegar has visited a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, thrice over the previous 18 months for stem-cell infusions, a controversial, scientifically unproven process not approved within the US.

Ari Rastegar meditating inside a hyperbaric chamber.
Ari Rastegar meditates inside a hyperbaric chamber thrice a week for 70 minutes.
Matthew Mahon for NY Post

The therapy, costing up to $7,000 a pop, includes extracting small quantities of blood and “spinning” it in a centrifuge to separate the pink and white blood cells and the platelet-rich plasma. Then the concentrated substance, full of health-boosting platelets, is reintroduced into the body intravenously. An analogous Food and Drug Administration-approved technique is used to deal with accidents corresponding to broken cartilage and a few kinds of most cancers.

“They inject between 15 million and 100 million stem cells directly into the vein for overall health and wellness,” defined Rastegar who, in contrast to some devotees, receives his personal stem cells moderately than these from the harvested umbilical cords of newborns.

During his routine journeys — which have been much less frequent due to the pandemic — the medical vacationer is escorted over the Mexican border by a non-public safety guard. Soon afterward, he arrives safely on the “beautiful, very high-touch” Tijuana facility.

“It’s bish bash, get what you need in 15 minutes, and then you’re back in the car,” stated Rastegar, who later recuperates in his luxurious San Diego, Calif., resort forward of a flight house to his native Austin, Texas.

Ari Rastegar inside a hyperbaric chamber
Ari Rastegar breathes virtually pure oxygen inside a hyperbaric chamber at ATK Hyperbarics in Austin, Texas.
Matthew Mahon for NY Post

He believes the advantages of stem cell therapy embody improved sleep high quality, higher cardiovascular perform and elevated psychological readability.

“I’m in the best shape of my life,” stated the previous Wall Streeter, who has monetary pursuits in Manhattan’s Chelsea Hotel and the Surf Lodge in Montauk.

“But it’s not a vanity or egotistical thing. I’m in risk management and it’s an investment in my health,” he stated.

As for Rastegar’s organic age versus his actual age, his latest low rating was calculated following blood exams to measure the size of his telomeres. These specialised nucleoprotein constructions act as caps on the tip of chromosomes that defend DNA. It is now typically accepted that longer telomeres correspond to a youthful organic age.

Quantifying the mobile age of your body is especially standard amongst so-called bio-hackers, well being fanatics who generally work in Silicon Valley. Such people have been lampooned within the hit HBO collection of the identical identify, which aired from 2014 to 2019.

Ari Rastegar with a bowl of salad and some of the vitamin pills he takes every day.
Ari Rastegar, about to eat his customary nutrient-rich salad for lunch, exhibits off some of the 125 vitamin capsules he swallows every day.
Matthew Mahon for NY Post

Rastegar stays unabashed. He doesn’t see himself as a “narcissist who wants to live forever.” In truth, the dad with 9 % body fats sometimes strays from his customary weight-reduction plan of chilly water fish and vegetable smoothies washed down with 125 vitamin capsules on daily basis. “I’ll eat pizza with my kids on weekends and I love a good cheeseburger,” he stated. “But 90 percent of the time, I’m living healthfully.”

His different notable habits embody meditating for 70 minutes thrice a week within the hyperbaric chamber. This apply of respiratory virtually pure oxygen in a confined house is designed to enhance blood and tissue high quality. The late Michael Jackson reportedly slept in a hyperbaric “coffin” comparable to the house utilized by Rastegar.

Among the extra standard practices employed by the entrepreneur are near-daily exercises with a private coach and repeatedly carrying orange lens glasses to decrease blue gentle consumption from his cellphone.

Meanwhile, he retains his thoughts targeted by taking part in affirmative statements recorded by movie star life coach Lauren Zander (her shoppers additionally embody the actor Hugh Jackman) and watching a digital imaginative and prescient board that includes pictures of completely different targets.

Ari Rastegar and his personal trainer at his office.
Ari Rasteger is put by his paces by his private coach at his workplace.
Matthew Mahon for NY Post

A proud workaholic, Rastegar claims to survive on simply 4 hours’ sleep, very like former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died in 2013 on the age of 87.

“Margaret was an unbelievable human being in so many ways,” stated Rastegar, an admirer. But, in contrast to Thatcher — at the very least so far as we all know — he snoozes each evening on a specialised mattress fitted with a “chilly technology” machine. The impact is an “optimal sleeping temperature” of 68 levels.

“My wife likes it warmer so her side of the bed is set to 72 degrees,” he stated, referring to his spouse of 9 years, Kellie, 35.

His household — together with children Victoria, 8, Kingston, 5, and Bella, 1 — are the important thing motivators behind his quest for longevity, he stated.

“I’m following this lifestyle to be a better husband, father and investor,” concluded the self-made man. “I’m not on the lookout for any type of well being award.

“The day I am no longer able to contribute and add value to my family, customers and humanity — whatever you want to call it — is the day I’m ready to go.”

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