Birthday girl whose eyelid was ripped off by Chihuahua vows to sue lash technician

A birthday girl whose eyelid got ripped off by a lash technician’s chihuahua has threatened to sue her for refusing to pay medical payments.

Kelsey Salmon says the tech has not checked in on her as soon as because the horrific assault and has even blocked her – now she simply desires her to personal up and canopy the prices.

Kelsey, 23, from Atlanta, Georgia had needed to get her eyelashes accomplished for her birthday and a long-planned vacation to Hawaii – however ended up spending her special day recovering in mattress after present process surgical procedure to have her eyelid reattached.

But after discovering her ordinary technician was totally booked, the 23-year-old as a substitute discovered another on Instagram – a choice she quickly lived to remorse.

Moments after her magnificence remedy completed, the technician’s canine – which she had been stroking fortunately earlier – lunged at her in an unprovoked assault.

Horrifying images present Kelsey’s complete eyelid lay discarded nonetheless along with her model new extensions nonetheless hooked up, whereas different photos present her wanting on the digicam along with her complete left eyeball uncovered.

Kelsey (pictured here with her sister Lauren), wanted to get her eyelashes done for her birthday during her vacation in Hawaii. Things took a turn for the worst when the technician's dog attacker her without provocation.
Kelsey (left, pictured right here along with her sister Lauren), needed to get her eyelashes accomplished for her birthday throughout her trip in Hawaii. Things took a flip for the worst when the technician’s canine attacker her with out provocation.
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The gross sales growth consultant ended up spending her birthday ready hours in hospital earlier than she underwent emergency surgical procedure to reattach the flesh, leaving it sewn shut for 10 days.

Kelsey says she desires the “heartless” lash tech to take accountability, beginning with overlaying a mountain of medical payments – however as a substitute, she says the lady has blocked her.

She hasn’t reached out to her even as soon as because the lady’s chihuahua jumped up and bit off Kelsey’s eyelid, full along with her new lashes.

Kelsey desires to make it clear that she’s not attempting to get wealthy with a lawsuit, she simply desires her medical payments paid, this being the one her cause why her household would possibly sue the lash tech.

But the medical payments gained’t be low cost – Kelsey estimates the entire may very well be $20,000-$30,000, primarily based on two ambulance journeys she’s already taken and the reattachment surgical procedure.

She mentioned: “I’ve not heard from her in any respect, the final I knew she’s blocked me, so she’s not reached out or checked in on me in any respect.

Kelsey's eyelid is recovering well but could take up to a year to fully heal.
Kelsey’s eyelid is recovering properly however may take up to a yr to totally heal.
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Asked what she would say to the lash tech if she may, she mentioned: “If my canine bit somebody’s eyelid off, I might a hundred percent by checking in on them on a regular basis.

“It’s fairly heartless to not even care to ask how I’m doing,

“I form of don’t need her doing lashes anymore, that might be my one request. With the lawsuit factor, I don’t even care about getting cash from her, I don’t want her cash, I simply need the payments paid as a result of I’m bored with my mother and father having to pay.

“Over the last four years, I’ve probably been to the hospital over a hundred times and that adds up, I don’t want another huge financial burden on them, I just want her to own up and take responsibility for it.”

Asked whether or not she thought the chihuahua ought to be put down, Kelsey mentioned she was “super iffy about it” being an enormous animal lover however she additionally understood how grave the implications may very well be if the canine had been to strike once more, particularly if it had been a baby.

The canine was put in quarantine to examine for rabies and to see the way it behaves with different canines.

Meanwhile, medics have warned Kelsey’s eyelid will take up to a yr to heal.

TikTok movies Kelsey made about her ordeal wherein she understandably dubbed it the ‘worst lash extension experience’ went viral, with two of them racking up a mixed 8.1million views.

She mentioned: “It befell on the girl’s condominium, and this was the primary time I’d ever met her. The lounge was empty, other than a lash mattress in the course of the room.

Kelsey estimates the total cost of her bills could be $20,000-$30,000, based on two ambulance trips she's already taken and the reattachment surgery.
Kelsey estimates the entire value of her payments may very well be $20,000-$30,000, primarily based on two ambulance journeys she’s already taken and the reattachment surgical procedure.
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“I lay down to get began, and I may hear the canine barking in her room. This chihuahua runs in and jumps up on the mattress. I begin petting him, every thing’s advantageous.

“Eventually, she’s completed with the lashes and I sit up. The canine’s sitting on the ground, I look down at him and he’s simply gazing me.

“Then, out of nowhere – it occurred so quick that I didn’t have time to pull again – he jumped up, bit me within the face and broke my eyelid off.

“It occurred so quick that on the time, I didn’t know what he’d grabbed. There was blood in all places, and I was attempting to catch the blood, saying ‘What did he grab?’

“My eyelid was on the ground, and the girl picked it up. I checked out myself in my entrance digicam and that’s once I began freaking out.

“I’m so fortunate he didn’t seize onto my precise eye as a result of that might have been a thousand instances worse.

“I was bawling my eyes out, she gave me a unclean blanket off the ground to cease my bleeding. She’s calling the ambulance; I’m calling my mother to meet me on the hospital.

“When I received to the hospital, I ended up ready for like seven hours. They didn’t have any ocular plastic surgeons at this hospital.

“My paramedics had wrapped up my eyelid in gauze and put it on ice. The nurse felt adamant that nothing may very well be accomplished.

"I've not heard from her at all, the last I knew she's blocked me, so she's not reached out or checked in on me at all," Kelsey said of the lash technician.
“I’ve not heard from her at all, the last I knew she’s blocked me, so she’s not reached out or checked in on me at all,” Kelsey mentioned of the lash technician.
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“I ended up leaving to go to one other hospital at 8pm, and I didn’t go into surgical procedure till 1am.

“My mother sat proper subsequent to me the entire time; I don’t understand how she did that. Feeling it was unhealthy, however watching it might be worse, I really feel like.

“I was in and out during the reattachment process. It felt like half an hour to me, but I was later told that the operation took two hours.”

Kelsey’s eyelid is recovering properly however may take up to a yr to totally heal.

Kelsey mentioned: “They truthfully didn’t assume the eyelid was going to take, as a result of not one of the docs or nurses I spoke to had seen a full eyelid come off.

“They had been in uncharted territory. They had been hopeful however the odds had been in opposition to me.

“I now take antibiotic drops 4 instances a day, and I additionally placed on a prescription gel 4 instances a day – simply to preserve it moist.

“They needed my eye to have the ability to breathe in the course of the day, however at night time I’m carrying a metallic eyepatch with holes.

Kelsey's eyelid reattachment surgery took two hours.
Kelsey’s eyelid reattachment surgical procedure took two hours.
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“At the second, my eye is all stitched up with dissolvable stitches. It ought to open finally.

“I had my surgical procedure on May twenty ninth and I had a check-up once more on June 2nd. My surgeon and all the opposite docs had been shocked that it was even therapeutic and that it had color.

“It shouldn’t have labored. They had been very shocked and glad it labored. They gave me the go-ahead to go to Hawaii.

“But even while I was on vacation, I was suggested to go see a health care provider by my surgeon again dwelling. She thought the eyelid regarded tremendous darkish.

“This doctor thought I had flesh-eating bacteria which would be super detrimental. When he saw me, he told me I was fine, but put me on an oral antibiotic for seven days just in case.”

“I simply need individuals to not take their eyelids without any consideration. It actually sucks not having one. I might additionally advise individuals not to go to anyone’s home for lashes or nails. Always go to a good salon.

“This expertise has made me take a look at canines in a different way. I’ve canines myself, and I don’t consider them in a different way as a result of I do know they wouldn’t randomly assault me.

“But everyone else’s dogs, I’m hesitant around. Dogs are very unpredictable, I can see that now and I’m very careful as a result.”

"This experience has made me look at dogs differently. I have dogs myself, and I don't think of them differently because I know they wouldn't randomly attack me," said Kelsey (pictured here with her dog.)
“This experience has made me look at dogs differently. I have dogs myself, and I don’t think of them differently because I know they wouldn’t randomly attack me,” mentioned Kelsey (pictured right here along with her canine.)
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