BJP wants to turn Assam into Bengali-speaking state by bringing CAA, says AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal | Exclusive

Who is Badruddin?” Fifteen years in the past, former Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi pointedly requested that query. Today, Badruddin Ajmal will not be solely an ally of the Congress celebration in Assam but a central point of target for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The son of the founding father of Ajmal Perfumes, Badruddin Ajmal established the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) in 2005. He can be the president of the Assam State Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind and a three-time MP from Dhubri constituency in Assam.

His celebration AIUDF is contesting the Assam Assembly Election in alliance with the Congress.

Perfume baron-turned-politician spoke to India Today TV solely throughout his election campaigning in Assam.

Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Ques: BJP has attacked you many instances of their election marketing campaign. Do you suppose that the BJP’s fundamental goal is Badruddin Ajmal? Why?

Ajmal: From [Union] dwelling minister to prime minister, everyone campaigning for the BJP in Assam is just speaking about me. Because the BJP has no solutions to the questions concerning the growth of Assam. When the general public asks them about unemployment, inflation, flood, ladies security, water, gasoline, and many others, they divert the problems and speak about me. Badruddin Ajmal has grow to be the scapegoat for them.

Ques: BJP says you’re bringing unlawful immigrants into Assam, what’s your defence?

Ajmal: How are unlawful immigrants crossing the border of Assam? I’m not a part of the federal government. It’s your [BJP’s] authorities in Delhi and Assam. How can this occur with out your police and authorities being in connivance with them? The BJP says I’m bringing unlawful immigrants into Assam; as a substitute, it’s them who’re formally bringing unlawful immigrants into Assam for his or her vote financial institution by implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act [CAA], which can legitimise a minimum of 10 lakh Bangladeshi Bengali-speaking Hindus. The BJP wants Assam to turn into a Bengali state, or grow to be one other Tripura. But folks of Assam are very delicate. They may give their lives for his or her language. They is not going to settle for it.

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Ques: What is Badruddin Ajmal’s stand on the CAA?

Ajmal: I’m the one who stated in Parliament that we should seal the borders and clear up the issue of unlawful immigrants as soon as and for all. Shoot anybody crossing the border from Bangladesh. I don’t do politics with Assam’s identification. This authorities couldn’t get even 50 Bangladeshis out of Assam within the final 5 years.

The BJP is communal. If they introduced the CAA, why did they exclude only one specific group behind? They ought to have been unbiased. They ought to have some humanity. If a Muslim is persecuted overseas, why don’t you care about him? It’s as a result of Hindus are your vote financial institution. The CAA is towards the structure of this nation. The BJP is solely bringing the CAA on the premise of faith for his or her vote financial institution.

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Ques: If your celebration comes to energy, will Assam Accord be carried out?

Ajmal: The very first thing we are going to do is reject the CAA. We will get a provision [to reject CAA]. I publicly challenged the BJP to implement the Assam Accord and let the date of accepting immigrants be 1971. Whoever entered after that date, be it from any faith, whether or not Hindu or Muslim, must be out of Assam.

Ques: Do you suppose non-Bengali talking Muslims are additionally towards you and that can hurt the Congress celebration in Assam?

Ajmal: We made an alliance in order that we will get all of the votes collectively to oust the BJP out of energy. I brazenly say, the Congress and I’ve had our variations previously, however to oust the BJP, we now have overcome our variations. We have learnt this from the BJP. They have allied with companions who they in any other case abuse and whose ideologies don’t match with them. So, the Congress and I’ve ideological variations, however we’re conserving them apart to oust the BJP.

To keep in energy, allying with different events is important, even when your nature doesn’t match. Earlier, we had reduce Congress’ votes, however this time we realised it and have come collectively. Now, not even a single Muslim vote will exit. And Hindus have all the time been with the Congress.

Ques: Who would be the CM face, in case your alliance comes to energy?

Ajmal: Whoever has extra MLAs, extra variety of seats deserves to get the ability. So, we are going to determine the CM face after the election outcomes.

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Ques: Do you suppose each alliances, led by the BJP and the Congress, are doing polarisation in Assam to get votes?

Ajmal: When was within the Congress, Himanta [Biswa Sarma] was a cupboard minister. He used to rally in Muslim-dominated areas and go to Madrassas for programmes. He praised Islam. As quickly as he joined the saffron celebration, he grew to become communal and began talking towards the Muslims. It is similar Muslim group that helped Himanta come to energy so many instances.

Muslims belief us and Hindus have all the time been with the Congress. We aren’t doing any form of polarisation or concentrating on any group.

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