Blinding rain, wind gusting 100 km/hr: What Navy braved to rescue hundreds stranded at sea amid Cyclone Tauktae

Gusting winds at virtually 100 km/hour, sea waves about 30-feet excessive and blinding rain is what personnel of the Indian Navy fought in opposition to whereas finishing up rescue operations off the Mumbai coast as Cyclone Tauktae wreaked havoc.

The Indian Navy despatched its warship INS Kochi on a mission to rescue 273 crew members who have been on board a barge that sunk within the Arabian Sea as Cyclone Tauktae intensified.

The Navy has to this point rescued 186 crew members of the ill-fated barge P-305, and recovered 26 our bodies.

After spending over 48 hours at sea finishing up the rescue operation, INS Kochi lastly returned to Mumbai on May 19 with the survivors. Other ships are in the meantime making an attempt to discover the reaming crew members.

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Speaking to India Today TV, Captain S Siqueira, Commanding Officer of INS Kochi, stated with wind velocity of 60-70 km/hour, the climate circumstances have been already difficult when the ship was at the harbour itself. He stated the circumstances acquired harder because the ship went into the deep sea.

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“We were facing winds gusting at almost 100 km/hour, sea waves about 30 feet, and intense rain which almost blinded us as we were barely able to see the front of the ship. The zero visibility and strong waves made it very difficult for the ship to manoeuvre. But this is what the personnel are trained for,” he stated.

Captain Siqueira added that whereas the circumstances have been difficult, however they weren’t one thing the Navy was not ready for.

Speaking about survivors on board the barge, he stated they displayed “remarkable fortitude”.

“Thankfully there was no serious medical situation when we rescued them. They displayed remarkable fortitude. They were out at sea for very long in those conditions. They did well to remain afloat, and we managed to pick them up,” he stated.

IN PICS | INS Kochi reaches Mumbai harbour, 184 personnel rescued from Barge P305

Until final week, INS Kochi was a part of the Covid-19 aid operations and was carrying medical oxygen containers from Kuwait to India. On Monday morning, it was requested to be prepared for the rescue mission and transfer at a brief discover.

“This is the nature of maritime power that we have. We are able to move from one role to another at a short notice. We are trained to shift from one mode of operation to another,” Captain Siqueira stated, including that INS Kochi sealed out for the mission in only one hour of getting the order.

The rescue operations off the Mumbai coast within the Arabian Sea are nonetheless underway because the Navy searches on for around 50 missing people who were on board the barge.

Apart from warships, the Indian Navy additionally moved its air belongings to rescue the stranded folks. “Air operations get more sensitive in adverse weather conditions such as this. What the Navy did was to get helicopters fly out of bases in Mumbai and P8I, Navy’s reconnaissance fly from Arakulam in Tamil Nadu. They were able to search for people at the sea,” Captain Siqueira stated.

The search and rescue operations will proceed off the Mumbai and Gujarat coast, getting into the fourth day on Thursday.

“INS Kochi which entered harbour on May 19, to disembark 125 survivors and mortal remains of four crew members, was immediately sailed out in the evening again to continue the search effort,” the Indian Navy stated in a press release.

Meanwhile, INS (*100*) is scheduled to enter the Mumbai harbour tonight to disembark survivors rescued from barge P-305 and Tug ‘Varapradha’ in addition to the mortal stays of 18 crew members recovered in the course of the operation.

On completion of its operations off Gujarat coast, INS Talwar has additionally been diverted to help the opposite three naval ships looking for lacking crew of barge P-305 off Mumbai coast.

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