Cheers to American glory this Fourth of July!

Revolutionary phrases received US

We’re coming into July Fourth. The historic day our Godblessed nation was born. Beyond hamburgers, chilly sizzling canine, heat soda and uninvited ants, it’s a day for even younger’ns to respect Old Glory.

America’s Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 founding fathers — legal professionals, jurists, retailers, plantation homeowners, males of means — totally conscious their penalty could possibly be loss of life. Ten have been pastors’ sons. One, a shoemaker’s apprentice. Another, a servant. Benjamin Franklin, the eldest — age 70. South Carolina’s Edward Rutledge, the youngest — 26. Five have been traitors, houses destroyed, lives misplaced in this new land’s revolution.

Not all forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4. John Hancock — earlier than he had an insurance coverage firm — signed first. Most added their names Aug. 2. Changes have been made between the declaration’s adoption and when it grew to become official. Thus, not all voters have been signers. Delegates from the 13 colonies voted aye — no dissent — that “these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States.” Other signatures have been affixed later. I don’t know why. Contrary to in style perception, I wasn’t there on the time.

Shots fired on NY

The Brits despatched lots of troops. Thousands of New Yorkers died preventing or in squalid prisons on ships. Our metropolis, enemy headquarters.

1783 following the Mother Country’s give up, George Washington marched our ill-clad, weather-beaten, ragtag Continental Army down Broadway to Battery Park, reclaiming New York, then bid farewell to his generals at Fraunces Tavern.

Now we rejoice the land of the pilgrims’ satisfaction, land the place our fathers died, the place from sea to shining sea we should think about to purple mountain majesties, amber waves of grain, oceans white with foam, and a house the place the deer and the antelope play someplace someday on some vary someplace in Utah in some way.

Land of ours!

This colony’s battle for independence was towards the most important armada on Earth — 500 ships and a 30,000-man drive. But we knew higher. We did higher then. We’ll do higher now. Our Founding Fathers and lots of of us who discovered as we aged try to do higher. We’ll be higher. OK, so perhaps no person however Roseanne Barr can sing the nationwide anthem however . . . nonetheless . . . we’re without end the United States of America.

You don’t like us? Then word what number of legals, illegals, foreigners, vacationers, hustlers, all people who desires right here. You see anybody lining up for Greenland? Looking to seize a timeshare in Venezuela?

Don’t let anyone tell you that America isn’t the greatest country in the world.
Don’t let anybody inform you that America isn’t the best nation on the earth.
REUTERS/Mike Segar

So, bless your nation, your flag, pledge your Pledge of Allegiance to no different blessed nation on Earth the place residents exist free to disagree. Dislike a mayor? Should there be anybody in our laundry record of Democratic maybes, vote for them. It’s your proper. But by no means will we go underneath. We have been born a nation underneath God.

Try to listen

In college we discovered the identify Patrick Henry who mentioned: “Give me liberty or give me death.” In 2021, minus a crate of lecture rooms, younger individuals don’t even know who this was. One child requested me if he lived in Queens.

How about Connecticut’s Nathan Hale, a 21-year-old Yale grad whose battalion joined George Washington towards huge forces out to seize NYC? He was hanged after these final phrases: “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

How about let’s all hope perhaps Hollywood can presumably lure Scarlett Johansson to play Martha Washington. Then we’ll see who is aware of what.

Fellow Americans, don your knee britches, pull up the silken hose, glue on these powdered wigs, hum “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy” and check out slightly relaxed recreation of golf. Or intercourse. Things you don’t have to be good at to take pleasure in.

Have a contented Fourth — solely in America, youngsters.

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