Chris Cuomo avoids brother Andrew Cuomo’s scandal on CNN again

For a second consecutive night, CNN prime-time host Chris Cuomo averted any point out of the sexual harassment scandal that would destroy his older brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The “Cuomo Prime Time” host opened Wednesday evening’s present with a reprise of his kickoff assertion from Tuesday, as soon as again telling viewers: “Of course, we’re focused on COVID.”

Cuomo did simply that, devoting the primary three segments of his present to the continued pandemic, particularly the rising variety of hospitalizations and circumstances amongst youngsters and teenagers in Florida, the place Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has been locked in a disagreement with the White House in latest days over masks mandates.

The host then turned emotional as he devoted the remainder of this system to an interview with “America’s Got Talent” contestant Jane Marczewski, aka “Nightbirde”, who pulled out of the reality competition to focus on her battle with most cancers.

Instead of reporting on Andrew Cuomo's scandal, Chris Cuomo devoted a segment to an "America's Got Talent" singer.
Instead of reporting on Andrew Cuomo’s scandal, Chris Cuomo devoted a phase to an “America’s Got Talent” singer.
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“She’s beautiful,” Cuomo gushed about Marczewski, to whom he repeatedly referred as “kid” in the course of the interview. “She’s proof that pain and purpose and hope can all co-exist.”

Cuomo continued to rave in regards to the singer whereas handing off to colleague Don Lemon. Apologizing that his interview with Marczewski had gone 40 seconds longer than budgeted for, Cuomo informed his colleague, “the [extra] 40 seconds that the audience got with that kid is a gift, brother. It’s so rare that somebody can reinforce the blessing and curse of this life and the fragility of our humanity at the same time, you know?”

“Not everybody can take on that fight the way she’s taking it and make it into a beautiful expression of life,” Cuomo informed Lemon, who hurriedly responded: “And help many people in the process, and I think that’s a good place for us to leave it and move on and discuss other things in the news.”

As occurred Tuesday evening, Lemon led his present with the most recent within the scandal surrounding the New York Democratic governor as soon as Chris Cuomo had disappeared from the display screen.

Don Lemon lead his broadcast with the Andrew Cuomo story.
Don Lemon lead his broadcast with the Andrew Cuomo story.
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“The clock is ticking for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo,” the “Don Lemon Tonight” host started. “A majority of New York State Assembly members, 80 Democrats and Republicans, telling CNN that they’d vote to question. A supply says articles of impeachment might be referred as quickly as subsequent week.

“That as at least four district attorneys are now investigating allegations of sexual harassment against the governor,” Lemon continued. “The long list of powerful Democratic politicians calling on Gov. Cuomo to step down, a list headed by the president of the United States himself, that list is getting longer tonight.”

Calls for CNN to provide Chris Cuomo the boot have grown louder since an impartial report detailed the extent of the work he did for older brother Andrew because the governor fought the harassment allegations towards him. The report, launched Tuesday by state Attorney General Letitia James, detailed how the youthful Cuomo was given confidential and privileged information by the Executive Chamber, and appeared to draft or edit a proposed assertion on the governor’s behalf.

The similar report discovered that Andrew Cuomo had sexually assaulted 11 ladies — 9 of them present or former state workers — in violation of state and federal legislation.

In May, Chris Cuomo admitted to viewers that advising his brother was “a mistake” that “was a problem for CNN.”

“I’m family first, job second,” he stated on the time.

In March, as ladies got here ahead with claims towards the governor, Chris Cuomo told his audience that whereas he was “aware of what’s going on … obviously I cannot cover it, because he is my brother.” Critics were quick to note the contrast with the fraternal gabfests within the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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