Cuomo has always been corrupt and other commentary

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has nonetheless refused to resign 5 days after the AG report got here out.

Free-marketeer: NY Gov Was Always Corrupt

While many are “surprised” by Attorney General Letitia James’ findings on Gov. Cuomo’s sexual misconduct, “this is not the first time the governor has shown us who he really is,” observes Nick Lindquist at the Washington Examiner. And Cuomo’s corruption goes past the sexual (severe as that’s): Consider, for instance, “the Buffalo Billion” — “a program created by the governor to breathe life into the struggling Buffalo region through a $1 billion investment in education, technology, and other industrial ventures — but the program was corrupted by Cuomo’s inner circle, and the governor himself, from the start.” Then there was his infamous resolution to drive nursing houses to take COVID-positive sufferers on the peak of the pandemic and its subsequent coverup. “As with the scandals before this latest one, he will try to brush it under the rug.”

Media watch: Chris Cuomo’s Damaging Lapses

At USA Today, University of Wisconsin journalism prof Kathleen Bartzen Culver laments how Chris Cuomo’s moral misconduct will additional pressure the “bond of trust” between the media “and the citizens they serve.” The CNN anchor, we now know, helped craft a communications technique for his embattled brother, Gov. Cuomo, amid the latter’s sex-abuse scandals. “When it comes to credibility and trust, people don’t see individual reporters or news organizations. They see ‘the media.’ So when one journalist or outlet makes questionable choices, the tarnish can easily spread to others. And make no mistake about it, Cuomo’s choices in this situation are questionable — at best.” 

From the left: Cuo’s Monstrous Female Enabler

Abusive males have lengthy loved the collaboration of some girls — and in Gov. Cuomo’s case that may be “Melissa DeRosa,” his “imperious top adviser,” sighs The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd. “As Ross Barkan, author of a new book on Cuomo, wrote in New York magazine, ‘At every turn, DeRosa and her colleagues enabled Cuomo’s predation.’ ­Indeed, she helped lead efforts to discredit Lindsey Boylan, a former ­Cuomo aide and the first accuser to go public. After Boylan tweeted that the governor was ‘one of the biggest abusers of all time,’ DeRosa got Boylan’s confidential personnel file, which contained complaints against her, and sent it to reporters, including the two at The Times Union, who told her on that call that they didn’t want it. Investigators called DeRosa’s move unlawful retaliation.” Bottom line, Dowd concludes, the AG revelations clarify DeRosa “enforced a culture of ­secrecy, loyalty, fear and retaliation.”

Calise Evans sits at her desk in Faith Major's first-grade class at Summit Elementary School in Summit, Miss., on Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021,
The CDC is recommending carrying masks at school.
Matt Williamson /The Enterprise-Journal through AP

Physicians: Don’t Mask Kids!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has “sternly decreed that 56 million US children and adolescents, vaccinated or not, should cover their faces regardless of the prevalence of infection in their community,” fume Drs. Marty Makary and H. Cody Meissner in The Wall Street Journal. This, although there may be solely “a single retrospective study” on the effectiveness of masks in stopping COVID transmission amongst children, “and its results were inconclusive.” And although masks hurt many children: “Those who have myopia can have difficulty seeing because the mask fogs their glasses. (This has long been a problem for medical students in the operating room.) Masks can cause severe acne and other skin problems. The discomfort of a mask distracts some children from learning. By increasing airway resistance during exhalation, masks can lead to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the blood.” 

Conservative: The Price of Progressive Antics

Whether they win or lose, “progressives are consistently hurting the Democratic party,” notes Grace Curley at Spectator World. Witness Squad members’ antics on the steps of the US Capitol, which led President Biden to plow by way of the Constitution to ship on Squad ­calls for, reversing himself on the legality of extending the eviction ban. The political worth: Property house owners is likely to be “moderate Democrats, who only backed Biden because they thought he would restore a bit of middle ground to the ­political landscape.” _ — Compiled by Sohrab Ahmari

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