Dark stories of Catholic priest who performs 20 exorcisms a week

This was the Evil One, all proper.

As Monsignor Stephen Rossetti watched the person in entrance of him, he noticed his blue eyes flip yellow and the pupils shrink right down to mere dots. They appeared, Rossetti mentioned, exactly just like the eyes of a hissing snake.

But the monsignor knew what it actually was: The man’s altered look satisfied him for a undeniable fact that the person was possessed by a demon.

Another time, a man’s whole eyes turned jet black, recalled Rossetti. “This doesn’t usually happen but when it does, it is very startling — it is obviously demonic,” he mentioned.

Battling demonic forces is common responsibility for Msgr Rossetti, a Catholic priest who labored in two parishes within the Diocese of Syracuse for 5 years. Now based mostly within the Washington, DC, diocese, he and his crew carry out as much as 20 exorcisms every week, liberating folks — and houses — from what he calls “demons and satanic evil.”

And, the 70-year-old instructed The Post, exorcisms have “grown exponentially” up to now decade or so. The United States, wracked by discord and a ethical disaster, is “demonically oppressed.

“I think this is going to get much worse before it gets better,” he mentioned.

A licensed psychologist and analysis affiliate professor on the Catholic University of America, Rossetti tells of his 13 years of evil experiences within the new ebook “Diary of an American Exorcist. Demons, Possession, and the Modern-Day Battle Against Ancient Evil” (Sophia Institute Press).

In it, Rossetti alleges he’s seen demons at work: doorways banging, TVs turning on and off spontaneously, canine howling uncontrollably, victims speaking in historical languages they by no means discovered — even spewing overseas objects like nuts and bolts.

“There are stunning things that happen that are not humanly possible,” he mentioned.

The monsignor, who can be the president and founder of the St. Michael Center For Spiritual Renewal, a nonprofit Catholic group that oversees the exorcism classes across the DC space, mentioned he has not but witnessed any victims levitate or spin their head like within the films “The Exorcist” or the brand new “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.”

But, he firmly believes, he has usually witnessed diabolical evil.Recalling one exorcism, Rossetti writes of demons manifesting themselves as he started to hope. “They were wagging [the possessed woman’s] finger at me and shaking [her] head,” he recalled. “I had been commanding the demons to leave and the response was pretty clear: ‘No!’ ”

The monsignor moved nearer and made direct eye contact with the girl. Holding a crucifix six inches from her face, he cried out: “Ecce crucem Domino: fugite partes adversae” — Latin for “Behold the Cross of the Lord: take flight, you hostile powers.”

As he sprinkled the girl with holy water, her physique started to spasm.

 Monsignor Stephen Rossetti has written a new book about his 13 years of performing exorcisms around Washington, DC.
 Monsignor Stephen Rossetti has written a new ebook about his 13 years of performing exorcisms round Washington, DC.
Rod Lamkey – CNP

“In an exorcism, the demons are engulfed in a holy torture that we believe is worse than the fires of hell,” writes Rossetti. “They were writhing in pain.”

Sometimes, the demons trigger him bodily anguish. Rossetti remembers in his ebook a case wherein he began the prayers of liberation for a gentle demonic possession of a middle-aged man.

“My stomach became instantly nauseated, and the ill feeling quickly spread to my head and the rest of my body,” the monsignor recalled of the demon’s assault on him. “My whole being felt spiritually pummeled throughout the session.”

And then there was the younger  lady who reached out to him after an upside-down cross appeared “burned” into her shoulder. At the identical time, her dad was receiving “snarky” textual content messages from demons. “The texts were a typical demonic rant: ‘She belongs to us,’ ” Rossetti mentioned.

Rossetti mentioned the messages appeared to return from the telephone quantity of the girl. Upon cautious investigation, nonetheless, Rossetti insisted there was no proof of her having despatched the messages.

“By the way, several exorcists have had the same experience, getting texts from demons, and why not?” Rossetti mentioned. “In the past they messed with electronics — TVs and lights turning off and on by themselves. Now they mess with cellphones.”

The lady had extra to fret about than texts from hell, although.

“As a child, the father dedicated her to Satan,” Rossetti mentioned. “If someone is perverted enough to join a satanic cult to begin with, then it’s not a stretch to imagine them offering their children to their ‘god.’ ”

The movie “The Exorcist”
While Monsignor Rossetti has by no means had somebody levitate like within the film “The Exorcist”, he mentioned the possessed usually spew white foam when touched with holy water — and generally even textual content their victims.

As the younger lady grew up, she discovered her option to the Catholic religion in search of consolation and solace. “The demons did not like that,” he mentioned. (*20*)

Then, he says, adopted an epic, six-month battle with Satan. Rossetti and his crew — together with, on events, one other priest and several other trustworthy Catholics for help — engaged in holy battle to liberate the distraught lady.

At every session, Rossetti would recite: “I claim you for Christ Our Savior by the sign of the Cross.” The lady would reply, “I belong to Jesus.” And every time, it was the identical bloodcurdling consequence. “Satan would burn a cross into her [skin] many times until finally he was cast out,” Rossetti recalled. (The crucifixes would disappear after each occasion.)

“Thankfully, this woman has been recently liberated by the power of Christ,” mentioned Rossetti. “It was an ugly fight, and I don’t want to go through it again.”

Rossetti was appointed a diocesan exorcist by his bishop in Washington. By his telling, “the Blessed Virgin picked me” for the job. He skilled in Rome and within the US below a senior exorcist, and has been concerned in lots of a whole lot of exorcisms since 1999.

At each, usually carried out in a non-public house at a church, he wears his clerical garments with a purple stole — an historical Church image of authority — over his shoulders.

“The demons hate the stole and keep telling me to take it off, which I don’t,” Rossetti mentioned. He additionally brandishes a Benedictine crucifix emblazoned with an “exorcistic formula” in Latin, “Vade Retro Satana,” on the again, Translation: “Get Behind Me, Satan.”

Holy water is crucial. “We use a large bottle and spritz with it,” Rossetti mentioned, including that the possessed usually vomit white foam when the water touches them.

Monsignor Stephen Rossetti
At every session, Rossetti recites: “I claim you for Christ Our Savior by the sign of the Cross.”
Rod Lamkey – CNP

As for his brethren’s opinion, New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan blurbed the ebook: “Enlightening and timely!”

The monsignor admitted that many who assume they’re “possessed” or “oppressed” by demons are, in truth, struggling psychological sickness. But he’s seen sufficient to imagine.

As a younger seminarian in school, Rossetti had his personal brush with evil as he was about to go to sleep one evening. Suddenly he skilled an “unbelievable force. I felt quickly being overwhelmed but no physical manifestation.” Rossetti concluded it was just one factor — a “demonic attack.” He leapt out of mattress and lunged for his rosaries. “The moment I touched my rosary beads, this attack stopped.”

And Rossetti has recommendation for protecting the demons away: “I inform folks, put crucifixes in your house, holy water in a font at house, non secular statues round the home, and say your rosary.

“That is your protection.”

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