Excl: Documents accessed by India Today show Mehul Choksi was in Dominica on May 23

Documents completely accessed by India Today show that fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi has been in Dominica since May 23 and never May 25.

In a serious discrepancy, the boat that was allegedly used by Choksi docked in Dominica on May 23, not May 25. Antigua and Barbuda customs stated the yacht left at 10:09 am on May 23, whereas Dominica customs refused its arrival on May 25.

India Today has accessed unique paperwork to show that the yacht ‘Calliope of Arne’ left Antigua on May 23 at 10:09 in the morning with the subsequent port of vacation spot being Dominica, a 120 mile journey, which could not have taken three days. The yacht reached Dominica in the night of May 23.

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The Antigua Immigration and Customs outbound clearance doc stated the St Lucia-based yacht went to Antigua on May 17 and left Antigua for Dominica on May 23. Choksi has been in Dominica since May 23.

Mehul Choksi landed in Dominica on May 23 and never May 25 because the immigration papers of Dominica stated.

Dominican Leader of the Opposition Lennox Linton has informed India Today TV Dominican police and political management have been concerned in Choksi’s arrival in Dominica.


Lennox Linton has informed India Today TV stated Choksi was faraway from Antigua with the assistance of Dominica to by-pass ongoing extradition proceedings.

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“The removal of Choksi from Antigua and Barbuda, (where according to Prime Minister Gaston Browne, he enjoys the constitutional privileges of citizenship) to Dominica, was intended to facilitate his transfer to India without having to wait on the outcome of the ongoing extradition proceedings scheduled for hearing in November 2021. To that extent, Dominica has been conscripted to unlawfully violate the constitutional rights of an Antiguan citizen for crass political purposes,” he stated.

“The Parliamentary Opposition calls for an immediate end to this reckless “No law, No Constitution” governance conduct that disgraces Dominica as a rogue element in the family of nations and endangers the rule of law foundation for the advancement of civility in the global community,” he stated.

Linton stated, in line with some experiences, Mehul was picked up by the coastguards in the waters itself earlier than the yacht docked in Portsmouth.

India Today TV has accessed two units of paperwork of two travellers – Gurjit Bhandal and Gurmit Singh – who in line with these paperwork travelled twice to Caribbeans inside the span of 45 days.

The two had been to St. Lucia in April and availed the companies of Hackshaw Boat Charters Ltd. the place the paperwork show them as UK nationals. Over a month-and-a-half later, the identical people landed in Dominica on a ship the place the nationality of 1 was modified to Indian.

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Demanding investigation in the matter, Lennox Linton stated it has introduced disgrace to Dominica. He stated Choksi ought to be dropped at e-book however inside the realms of the regulation.

He stated, “The presence of Indian born Antigua and Barbuda citizen Mehul Choksi in Dominica following allegations that he was kidnapped in Antigua, beaten, ferried to Dominica, and taken into the country against his will highlights once again the extent to which departments of government are involved in organized crime under the influence and/or direction of the regime of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.”

Mehul Choksi, wished in India on financial institution fraud fees, prison conspiracy, prison breach of belief, and cash laundering purchased Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by way of the Citizenship by Investment Program in 2017. Choksi has been dwelling in Antigua and Barbuda since 2018 and is opposing courtroom motion to revoke his Antigua and Barbuda citizenship and have him extradited to India.

Linton identified the next as extraordinarily disturbing, indicative as they’re of the involvement of the federal government of Dominica in the kidnapping and smuggling of criminally accused financial residents throughout worldwide borders:

– The operators of the Vincentian registered, St Lucia primarily based schooner on which Choksi was transported to Dominica on May 23 declared three crew members and two Indian passengers, not together with Choksi, to the authorities on departure from Antigua and Barbuda.

– Choksi arrived in Dominica with no passport and no private belongings. The two Indian passengers on the schooner have been taken into Covid-19 quarantine and Choksi who was met by senior law enforcement officials when he got here ashore was detained in a police cell after which quarantined on May 28 5 days later;

– On May twenty fifth, 2021, the operators of the schooner made a false declaration to the Dominica Customs Authority that they arrived in Dominica on May 2 with three crew members and two passengers, not together with Choksi.

– (*23*) the false declaration, the schooner was cleared by Customs to depart for St Lucia on the identical day

-May 25; After Choksi’s legal professionals filed a Habeas Corpus petition in the Dominica High Court, Police
charged Choksi with unlawful entry into Dominica.

– With Choksi in police custody in Dominica, Antigua, and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne requested Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to deport him to India and to not Antigua and Barbuda. He subsequently confirmed {that a} non-public jet of Qatar Executive Airlines arrived in Dominica on May 2 from New Delhi with paperwork from the
Indian authorities indicating that Choksi is a fugitive from justice.

– The High Court Judge in Dominica positioned a gag order on legal professionals in the Habeas Corpus matter stopping them from saying something to the media till the conclusion of the matter; and the airport workers have been instructed that taking footage of the Bombardier Global 5000 jet of Qatar Executive airways is strictly prohibited.

– The uncommon and calculatedly discriminatory conduct of the Police that allowed them to take Choksi into custody with no questions for the crew and passengers who introduced him to Dominica in opposition to his will appears to substantiate that Police, Immigration and Customs Officials have been instructed by greater authorities in the Office of the Prime Minister and/or the Cabinet of Ministers.


– The apparent collaboration between the governments of Dominica, Antigua, and Barbuda and India is undermining the judiciary in the Eastern Caribbean

– The Police, Immigration and Customs Officials who brazenly allowed violations of the regulation to 1) facilitate the operators of St Lucia primarily based schooner, and a pair of) detain Choksi on allegations of unlawful entry

– The Ministers of Government who instructed and/or influenced Police, Immigration and Customs Officials unlawfully facilitate the inhumane switch of Choksi to Dominica

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