‘False Positive’ Ending Explained: What Does That Chilling Final Shot Mean?

Warning: This article accommodates main False Positive on Hulu. Hopefully, you realized that while you clicked on it.

If you’re hoping that False Positive, the brand new A24 horror film on Hulu might be a kind of horror motion pictures that’s additionally humorous, assume once more. Though the movie stars, and was co-written by, comic Ilana Glazer, greatest identified for enjoying a messy model of herself on Comedy Central’s Broad City, False Positive is a deeply disturbing and severe psychological thriller.

Directed by John Lee, False Positive explores numerous completely different themes involving motherhood, girls’s our bodies, and the way the patriarchy makes an attempt to manage each of these issues. Not the whole lot within the film works, however the movie definitely succeeds in conserving viewers on edge all through the story.

As for the False Positive ending, effectively, you would possibly need to brace your self for some graphic imagery. It’s an ending that blurs actuality with hallucinations, so in the event you bought slightly misplaced, I don’t blame you. Don’t fear, as a result of Decider is right here to assist. Read on for the False Positive plot abstract, in addition to the False Positive ending, defined.

What is the False Positive plot abstract?

Lucia “Lucy” Martin is a lady who has been making an attempt and failing to get pregnant along with her husband Adrian (Justin Theroux) for 2 years. Adrian convinces Lucy to see an previous pal of his, Dr. Hindle (Pierce Brosnan), the pinnacle of a prestigious (and creepy) fertility clinic. Dr. Hindle guarantees Lucy one of the best probability of getting pregnant with a brand new methodology of IVF that he invented himself, and it really works. Actually, it really works slightly too effectively—Lucy will get pregnant with triplets.

In order to keep away from problems, Lucy is advised she should have a “selective reduction” process. She has a alternative: Either she will have twin boys or a single woman. Lucy needs to maintain the woman. Adrian and Dr. Hindle need her to maintain the boys, however in the end comply with defer to Lucy’s choice to maintain the little woman, who Lucy names Wendy.

Then issues begin to get bizarre. After just a few well being scares and unusual interactions with each Dr. Hindle and Adrian, Lucy begins to suspect one thing has been performed to her child with out her permission. She decides to secretly begin seeing a midwife named Grace Singleton (Zainab Jah). Then issues get even weirder when she begins hallucinating, although Dr. Hindle insists it’s simply “mommy brain,” and offers her remedy.

Reality begins to blur. Lucy discovers paperwork that implies Dr. Hindle is experimenting and spying on her. She exhibits that paperwork to a pal, who guarantees to have her lawyer husband take a look at it. But she quickly realizes her pal is in on it with Dr. Hindle, too.

What is the False Positive ending?

Lucy offers start to not her child woman, however to the 2 wholesome twin boys. Wendy, an underdeveloped stillborn, is faraway from her physique. Lucy realizes that each Adrian and Dr. Hindle by no means supposed to respect her needs to maintain the woman, and made the choice on her behalf to maintain the boys.

Adrian believed that after Lucy had the infants, her maternal instincts would kick in, and she or he would handle them and forgive him. But Lucy goes nuclear as an alternative.

Lucy exhibits up at Dr. Hindle’s fertility clinic and finds the underdeveloped fetus of her child woman, Wendy. She confronts Dr. Hindle, who tells her that he impregnated her along with his personal sperm. Lucy assaults Dr. Hindle, and his creepy nurse (Gretchen Mol), leaving them incapacitated. She takes the Wendy fetus, and the paperwork displaying what Dr. Hindle did her, and leaves.

Then, to the tune “Who Am I?” from Peter Pan, Lucy returns dwelling to her two twin infants. We watch as Lucy holds her infants out of the window, they usually float away. You assume for a minute that maybe she murdered them—however then the scene resets, and also you notice she was simply imagining it.

Instead, she fingers the 2 infants to Adrian and tells him to go. Then she holds Wendy’s tiny fetus to her chest and imagines (or perhaps actually does see) that the fetus begins to nurse. With that disturbing picture—a tiny, blue-faced, underdeveloped child gently sucking on Glazer’s nipple—the film ends.

False Positive ending
Photo: Anna Kooris/Hulu

What is the False Positive ending, defined?

False Positive was initially marketed as a up to date tackle Rosemary’s Baby, which is a 1968 psychological horror movie a couple of pregnant girl (Mia Farrow) who suspects her neighbors are in a Satanic cult, and that they need her child for a darkish ritual. Spoiler alert: After Rosemary is advised she gave start to a stillborn little one, she finds her child alive, however with mutilated eyes. The cult members inform her the newborn is Adrian, Satan’s son—aka the identical identify as Lucy’s husband in False Positive—and inform her that she should mom the kid. At first, Rosemary resists, however when she hears the newborn cry, her mothering instincts kick in, and she or he rocks the cradle.

False Positive affords a distinct ending: Lucy refuses to mom the dual boys that Dr. Hindle pressured on her. If we see Dr. Hindle because the satan (Pierce Brosnan does rock a Satan-like beard), we are able to see each the dual boys—and Adrian—as Satan’s youngsters. But by strolling away from her infants and from Adrian, Lucy alerts that she won’t handle both of them. Though she doesn’t truly homicide the infants, she does think about it. She lets go of them in her thoughts. In different phrases, she does the precise reverse of what Rosemary does in Rosemary’s Baby.

However, simply because Lucy refuses to handle the youngsters she by no means requested for, that doesn’t imply she rejects motherhood altogether. Interpretations of the ultimate shot might range. Lucy has been hallucinating all through the film—together with hallucinating her Black midwife’s mystical vibes—so it’s very potential she is hallucinating Wendy breastfeeding, grieving the kid that was taken from her.

My take? Lucy just isn’t loopy—she is aware of that Wendy just isn’t alive—however fairly, she sees Wendy as herself. She is just imagining Wendy is nursing, simply as she imagined her twin boys flying out of the window. Lucy is being reborn and is now able to lastly stand as much as the patriarchy. Either approach, it’s clear that Lucy won’t stick with Adrian and lift Dr. Hindle’s youngsters.

Well, that was extremely disturbing and miserable! Now let’s go watch one thing pleased, we could?

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