He groped, kissed, intimidated: Students of another Chennai school accuse teacher of sexual harassment

Days after a schoolteacher in Chennai was suspended and arrested following a number of allegations of sexual harassment levelled by his college students, college students of another school in Chennai have come ahead and accused a commerce teacher of having sexually harassed and intimidated them for years.

The complainants embody present and former college students. The school’s alumni affiliation has mentioned they’ve acquired greater than 500 messages in opposition to the teacher from college students of numerous batches.

Following these allegations on social media and thru an e mail despatched by the alumni affiliation, the school’s administration has suspended the accused teacher.

In an announcement the administration mentioned, “We have taken cognisance of these (allegations) and we are referring the same to the internal committee for its inquiry and report. The inquiry will be fair and transparent and all complaints and allegations received, as well as those that may be received, will be referred to the committee for its inquiry and report. We understand the feelings expressed, and our students may be rest assured that suitable action will be taken upon receipt of the inquiry report.”

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The assertion added that the accused teacher has been positioned below suspension pending inquiry.

“We have also directed him not to contact or interact with any former or present student of the school. The well-being and welfare of our students, whom we consider as our own children, have always been and will be of paramount importance and concern to us. We will never tolerate any abuse, misconduct, misbehaviour or harassment by anyone against our students,” the school’s administration mentioned in its assertion.

‘Teacher routinely harassed, intimidated college students’

In their mail to the administration, the school’s alumni mentioned the accused teacher was dismissed from another school in Chennai for misbehaving with lady college students. “He had forced students to sit on his lap posing himself as a ‘fatherly figure’ and also kiss him ‘friendlily’.”

The mail added that the current state of affairs would not have occurred had the earlier school filed a police grievance or the school’s administration performed a background verify earlier than hiring him.

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[The teacher] has routinely harassed college students mentally, bodily, and emotionally by touching lady college students inappropriately within the identify of being a ‘fatherly determine’. There have been numerous cases of the teacher ‘spanking’ lady college students in lecture rooms and corridors with numerous causes within the identify of disciplining them.

– School’s alumni of their e mail

‘Students had been silenced, humiliated for protesting’

It added that when college students protested in opposition to this, their voices had been “silenced” by the accused teacher with threats that he would fail them in exams.

The teacher has additionally been accused of “humiliating students” within the class. The alumni affiliation mentioned other than harassing lady college students, the teacher additionally bodily assaulted boys brutally and referred to as them out in “uncouth words in front of the entire classroom, shaming the student, and gaslighting them if complained”.

‘He misused college students’ private info’

The e mail added that because the accused was additionally a category teacher, he had entry to college students’ private info like their telephone numbers, their dad and mom’ telephone numbers, their deal with and so on. and this info has been “misused”.

It alleged that the teacher has “profusely inappropriately texted multiple girl students”, and when college students refused to answer, he would threaten them with retaliations.

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Narrating a woman pupil’s expertise, the alumni affiliation wrote, “A student was asked to report to class at 7:00 am via SMS before regular class hours i.e. 7:30 am. To the student’s shock and horror, she had been the only student called out. The teacher had tried to misbehave with the student by kissing her and molesting her, and when rushed to complain, the student’s cry had been brushed off as a false accusation. Eventually, the student was detained in her 11th grade, slapped, and physically assaulted multiple times by this teacher.”

Hugging with out consent, placing arms round a woman pupil within the identify of monitoring what she is doing in her desk or writing in her pocket book, physique shaming college students primarily based on their bodily look publicly.

– School’s alumni of their e mail

‘Asked women to remain again in identify of teaching courses’

The alumni affiliation has alleged that college students with low educational scores had been pushed into teaching courses for late hours (as much as 8 pm) on the school campus.

Students have alleged that in these “coaching classes”, the accused teacher would make advances in direction of the scholars.

“The lack of observation and supervision from the school authority can be the only sole reason that fuels a schoolteacher to go to this extent. [The teacher] has indulged himself in such classes voluntarily, by picking out specific girl students regardless of their academic performance to stay back at such late hours. Subsequently, multiple incidents of hugging, kissing, making the child sit on his lap during these hours have been escalated to the school management,” the alumni affiliation mentioned.

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It added that the accused teacher additionally invited college students to his personal residence within the identify of “private coaching” and “tried to misbehave with multiple girl students openly, hiding under the apostle of being a ‘fatherly figure'”.

The teacher had made college students sit on his lap. When declined, he went on to persuade that it was not with wrongful intentions. It has additionally come to our consideration that the teacher, regardless of having scheduled school timings, has invited himself into pupil’s houses with out the presence of dad and mom.

– School’s alumni of their e mail

The teacher can be accused of haven taken lady college students on ‘temple visits’ on his bike. He would personally take greater than three college students at a time in pillion to a temple after school timings and sundown.

When college students refused to hitch him, they had been “cussed with uncivilized words in front of classmates for being characterless”.

More than 500 complaints acquired

The alumni affiliation mentioned it has acquired greater than 500 direct messages from college students of numerous batches who’ve been harassed by this teacher over time.

The affiliation has demanded that the school administration ought to dismiss the teacher with fast impact and provoke an investigation.

Book him for rape, sexual harassment: Students

“The teacher should not serve any institution in any position whatsoever. We, therefore, sincerely urge the State of Tamil Nadu for an efficient, transparent, and legal remedy, not only towards the affected students but also to protect the upcoming generations from such inhumane, monstrous, brutal, cruel, grotesque creatures, roaming freely in reputed educational institutions like these,” the affiliation wrote.

It has additionally demanded that the accused teacher ought to be booked below the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, and the Indian Penal Code for costs of rape, sexual harassment, prison intimidation, amongst others.

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