How’s the Karachi zoo bear doing in her new cage?

Last yr, a video of Karachi zoo’s sole bear, 20-year-old Rano began doing rounds on social media. The animal was seen panting, heaving, and roaming in circles of the Victorian “grotto” pit she was the solely resident of.

The Syrian bear has been moved to a new enclosure, reportedly 5
occasions the dimension of the earlier one on orders of the Sindh High Court. Her “distressed”
roaming hasn’t stopped, neither has the look of despair and longing gone from
her eyes.

Rano’s new enclosure is adjoining to the previous one. The new cage stated
to be 2,100 sq. ft broad, is ground-level with earth underneath her ft.
There’s a pond inside that’s utilized by the animal for bathing and consuming.
Three tree trunks have been horizontally positioned inside the cage together with a
rocky nook which the bear typically climbs.

If you’re visiting the zoo for the first time, you will see that Rano like another animal locked up. But in the event you’ve visited her earlier enclosure, you’d discover that though the heaving and panting have gone, the bear can nonetheless be seen strolling from one finish of the enclosure to the different.

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According to the zoo administration, the bear has been doing effective.
“People visit the zoo, see the animal, and assume they are not doing well,”
Deputy Director Abida Raees informed SAMAA Digital. “We are the ones
taking care of the bear and are consistently up to date about her well being.”

She stated that Rano’s new cage was 500 occasions greater than the previous
one with a much bigger pool, sand, and extra shade. The bear is doing completely effective,
Raees endured.

Rano’s caretaker Ramu stated that she was consuming simply effective. The bear
is fed as soon as a day. Her weight-reduction plan contains fruits, bread, and dry fruits. “A vet
displays her well being thrice a day and no change has been seen in her habits.”

New cage, similar issues

Despite all the pure components the new enclosure brings, there’s
one factor that hasn’t modified: Rano’s robotic stroll.

Wildlife skilled Zohare Ali Shariff explains that it is because
though the zoo administration has enriched the bear environmentally, an enormous hole
stays in the case of behavourial enrichment.

“Yes, Rano’s house has been considerably elevated however you want
to keep in mind that a bear walks roughly 10 to 12 kilometers day-after-day.”

A Syrian brown bear requires vegetation, forest floor, and
undulating terrain. These are the issues that may create stimulation for the
animal. “You must preserve Rano entertained in any other case she’s going to get bored in a
day and turn out to be sufferer to misery and melancholy,” Shariff informed SAMAA

The purpose behind her one-pattern strolling is boredom. She has
nothing to do in the confined enclosure. If this prolongs, the bear can begin
hitting herself. “Zookeepers must be ideally skilled to establish this
behaviour instantly however that doesn’t occur right here.”

Shariff careworn the want for the bear keeper to point out compassion.
They must provide you with concepts to maintain her occupied. And it received’t take a lot
as a result of bears are historically curious animals.

He identified easy methods to do that: the easiest one is to
place the tree trunks in her enclosure vertically and canopy them with honey.
“You will see Rano engaged inside minutes. With the sturdy sense of scent, she
will instantly sniff the honey and attempt to climb the trunk to lick it
off.” It will take the zookeeper half-hour to do that however will preserve the
animal occupied for hours.

The skilled debunked the must deliver in a companion for Rano.
“Bears are loners by nature. They are used to living alone.”

If the zoo brings in a new bear, it is going to simply enhance their work.
For one, they should guarantee the bear is of the similar species. They must
guarantee the two animals are appropriate and can in all probability should preserve them in
separate enclosures with minimal contact, gauging how they react round every

The bear also can not be despatched to Deosai. “Rano has stayed in
captivity all her life. How do you anticipate her to exit in the wild and struggle
wolves and different wild animals? She received’t final a day there,” Shariff stated. For
now, it’s finest to enhance the residing situations of the place she is in, he

Rano’s petition on maintain

Last yr, a complete of 38 folks signed a petition filed in the Sindh
High Court by Barrister Mohsin Shahwani against keeping Rano at the Karachi zoo

The petitioners stated that Rano is being stored in a really small
enclosure, away from her household. “The bear isn’t ate up time, neither are its
different wants regarded out for,” Shahwani stated.

The petitioner demanded that the bear be despatched again to Skardu the place
its different relations are or to a wildlife sanctuary, including that she isn’t
native to Karachi and the metropolis’s local weather isn’t appropriate for it.

“The situation of the Karachi Zoo may be very dangerous and the place has
turn out to be hazardous for animals residing there,” Shahwani stated, mentioning that
the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation doesn’t have the funds or expert staff
to deal with animals.

In the subsequent listening to of the case on October 5, the courtroom instructed
the KMC to put in an air cooler or air conditioner inside Rano’s enclosure at
the zoo inside 48 hours.

On December 23, Sindh High Court ordered Rano’s relocation to another cage 500 times bigger. The orders have been directed to Karachi zoo’s senior director and KMC. The directions have been handed on an interim foundation till a last resolution is taken.

Shahwani informed SAMAA Digital that the petition has been stored on maintain and the courtroom will resume listening to in mid-August. Our last prayer is a rehabilitation and sanctuary for Rano, he added.

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