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After the HSC examination, all students have a curiosity about the HSC result. Sometimes students face some problem finding their result. This site will help students how to easy way to find HSC Result 2020. HSC Result  2020 will be published by all educational boards. HSC result is published in many ways. College may publish results, Board may publish results, also SMS wise system publishes these results. All boards will publish HSC results at the same time.

HSC exam ResultActually, We did not know when the HSC will publish. Probably it may publish at the end of June. If I truly say about the HSC result then all students want to get a fast way the result. So I ensure to students this site will help to get a fast way the HSC result.

HSC Result Publishing System

After the HSC exam, the result will publish for 90 days. If any student asks us how do we know this? Because we researched for many years about this and we also want to inform students that firstly the result will publish all individual boards. That time the server of all boards remains too busy. So don’t worry. Our site always stays with all HSC students.

HSC Exam 2020 in Bangladesh

We all know what is the meaning of HSC. After all, we again tell that HSC means Higher School certificate. The HSC exam is an important examination in Bangladesh. After passing the SSC exam the students take part in the HSC exam. The HSC exam is vital for students because if students did not good result then they can not have a varsity admission test or did not get a good subject to complete their Graduation. So students should focus their studies and doing good results for their better future.

How to Get Easy Way HSC Exam Result?

There are many sites published examination results online. They did not have the right info on their site. So students feel trouble when visiting their site. Actually many kinds of sites through irrelevant topics on their site. We think this is a bad impact on the students. So students should keep in touch with a relevant site so that they get the right news from the site. Yeah, Our site always provides wright information to students and every year we published JSC, SSC, HSC results. So students can believe in us. There are many ways to get results. 

Click here to get the result http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/

Bangladesh Technical board will be published vocational exam result 

All of the vocational exam results will publish the same day. Vocational exam results in under Bangladesh Technical Board and will be published by Bangladesh Technical Board. As well as we will be published these results. 

Madrasha  board will be published Alim results

Alim results are under the Madrasah board. Madrasha Board controls all things. When the Madrasha board will announce the results will be published then, immediate students should visit our site.   

HSC Result  from Educationboardresults.gov.bd

Firstly educationboardresults.gov.bd this site will publish the results. When you will enter the site you face some problem when you searching your result. So you can know your result from our site


How many Students attended in HSC Exam?

  • There are a total of 13,11,457 students parts of the HSC exam.
  • Between of them boys 66,7481 
  • And Girls are 6,43,007
  • Total College is 2,541
  • The education board is 10 

Grading system in HSC Exam Result 

Few kinds of students did not know the grading system of the HSC exam. So students can follow this box which is given below.

Grading system in HSC Exam Result 
Class interval Letter grade Grade point
80–100 A+ 5
70–79 A 4
60-69 A- 3.5
50–59 B 3
40–49 C 2
33–39 D 1
0–32 F 0

Get HSC result by Mobile phone.

You can get your result by phone. But if you get this service firstly you will have to know your Registration card number and Roll Number. Follow our instructions which we have mentioned below.

HSC<SPACE>Type 3 letters of your board name<SPACE>Roll no<SPACE>2020

Then send 16222 from any kinds of sim number


HSC DHK 456454238663(Reg) 2020 send to 16222

Now we will be mentioned in the first three(3) letters of all education boards. If you want to need this then follow the below chart.

Educational Board name  The first three letter of all educational board
Dhaka Educational Board DHK
Rajshahi Educational Board RAJ
Chittagong Educational Board CHI
Jessore Educational Board JES
Barisal Educational Board BAR
Cumilla Educational Board COU
Sylhet Educational Board SYL
Dinajpur Educational Board DIN
Madrasha Educational Board MAD
Technical Educational Board TEC

Dhaka Educational Board

Dhaka is the biggest board of the educational boards. Every year a lot of students take part in the HSC  exam. The board of Dhaka results always good. If you a student of the Dhaka board then you can get your result from the Dhaka board official site.

Chittagong Educational Board 

Chittagong board is the second biggest educational board of Bangladesh. The official site of the Chittagong board is ise-ctg.portal.gov.bd. Students can visit this site.

Rajshahi Educational Board 

This board is founded in 1961. This board is so old. All SSC and HSC exams under control on this board. The official site is the Rajshahi board is  rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd board. 

Jessore Educational Board 

The official site of the Jessore board is jessoreboard.gov.bd. Students get any kind of educational information from this site. JSC, PSC, SSC, HSC exam under control on this board.

Cumilla Educational Board 

The Cumilla board is so beautiful. If any students travel to Cumilla city then you should visit the Cumilla board. The official site is  comillaboard.gov.bd

Sylhet Educational Board 

Actually Sylhet board is not a large board. Maximum students take part in the HSC exam also this board results quality is good. The official site is sylhetboard.gov.bd/

Dinajpur Educational Board 

Dinajpur board is also the largest board of Bangladesh. A lot of students part HSC exam. Students may travel to the Dinajpur board. The official site is dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd/

Madrasha Educational Board 

Further Bangladesh is a Muslim country many kinds of students part of the HSC exam from the Madrasha board. Madrasha has own site which is control by the Madrasha board. The official site is Bmeb.gov.bd

HSC result


Actually, students have to read attentively. HSC result is more important for students. After passing, the SSC exam student did not read well. They waste their time by gossiping, loving with boy and girl or other activities. When the exam comes they understand How many times they wasted.

A good student did not waste his time. So always use your time properly and read more and more. Because when your result will good then you could chance Medical or Engineer university or other universities. So god bless you and Allah will help you.

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