KMC attacks elephant activists providing free care to sick animals

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has claimed that animal activists and organisations working for animal welfare solely care about fame — a place it has taken in response to being taken to court docket for not caring for elephants at its zoo.

“They just want fame and none of them are animal specialists or experts,” Mansoor Qazi, the KMC tradition, sports activities, and recreation senior director, informed the Sindh High Court on Wednesday when it went again to listening to a case in opposition to the town authorities for denying well being check-ups to 4 African elephants in Karachi.

He claimed that worldwide organisations go to nations and defame them for animal cruelty. “They don’t want any animals in Pakistan. It is becoming a trend now,” he stated, including such actions are “anti-state”.

Advocate Hassan Abdi, the KMC lawyer, stated that the charity that has collected funds for the elephants is named Free The Wild. They actively marketing campaign in opposition to animal captivity; they first moved the elephant in Islamabad and now they’ve come right here, he claimed.

Barrister Salahuddin Ahmed, the lawyer of petitioners Advocate Owais Awan and Pakistan Animal Welfare Society, clarified that specialists solely need to study the elephants. He stated that Free The Wild has clearly stated that they plan to: set up working relations with KMC, conduct a well being evaluation of the 4 elephants, give recommendation to staffers and enhance their situations, and maintain trainings. “How can they [the city government] object to it?”

Background to the Karachi elephants case

Pictures of the 4 elephants at Karachi’s Safari Park and zoo went viral earlier this 12 months. Animal specialists stated the elephants appear to be affected by foot rot and different illnesses. Free The Wild sought permission from KMC and began gathering funds to have their well being checked. Just as famend vets have been set to fly to Karachi, the town authorities revoked its permission. The vets had even purchased medicines which can expire quickly.

Justice Hasan Azhar Rizvi requested the town authorities why it backtracked on the permission it gave to the UK-based charity.

Qazi stated that they’ve checked the elephants and there was no foot rot. They have been affected by seasonal dryness. “They are like our children and we care about their well-being. No one goes and checks the heels of their relatives, then why do so for elephants?”

Justice Rizvi remarked that KMC ought to settle for the additional assist as it’s already brief on technical help. “They are coming at their own expense, and not asking you for any money. You can keep the team under your supervision,” he stated.

The metropolis authorities claimed that it received’t permit any propaganda even after the bench reassured it that an order has already been handed to cease the group from maligning KMC.

The KMC lawyer prompt that the court docket ought to order a third-person audit from inside Pakistan. He prompt they name vets from the Sindh Agricultural University’s Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences in Tando Jam.

Salahuddin interjected and remarked: How many elephants are there in Tando Jam? They need vets who haven’t even seen elephants earlier than.

“It doesn’t seem that this matter can be resolved amicably,” the choose stated, including that nobody can enter Pakistan for the subsequent few days anyway due to Covid-19 restrictions. He adjourned the listening to for a later date.

A sum of $17,637 had been gathered by the UK-based charity. KMC had despatched a WhatsApp message to the petitioners and requested them to apologise for working a “negative campaign” in opposition to them, sources stated. It stated that the charity ought to deposit the funds in its account—the identical funds that the town authorities claims have been raised by “illegitimate” means.

In its response, the charity stated that it’s “preposterous to accuse” it of any form of anti-state marketing campaign. It stated that it “closely worked with the Government of Pakistan, including the Pakistan Army, for the relocation of Kaavan, the elephant at Islamabad’s Murghazar Zoo,” including that its efforts have been acknowledged by Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Dr Arif Alvi.

“We do, however, tender an unconditional apology to the four elephants namely (1) Noor Jehan (2) Madhubala (3) Malaika (4) Sonu who we have been unable to help them due to the high-headedness of KMC,” it added.

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