Liz Cheney is a ‘distraction’ and must be ousted

​Rep. Jim Banks stated Sunday that fellow Republican Liz Cheney must be ousted from her No. 3 management place within the House as a result of her criticisms of former President Donald Trump have turn out to be a “distraction” from the GOP’s opposition to the Biden administration’s “radical” agenda.

“Republicans are almost completely unified in a single mission to oppose the radical, dangerous Biden agenda and win back the majority in the midterm election. And any other focus other than that is a distraction from stopping the Biden agenda from what it — what it’s already done in three months,” Banks (R-Ind.) stated on “Fox News Sunday.”

“That’s our focus as a House Republican conference. And any leader who’s not focused on that … needs to be replaced,” he stated.

House Republicans are scheduled to vote Wednesday morning on Cheney’s destiny.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who rose to prominence as considered one of Trump’s impeachment defenders earlier this yr, is anticipated to exchange the Wyoming lawmaker and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Rep. Liz Cheney
Rep. Liz Cheney has spoken out towards former President Donald Trump.
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Cheney, who voted to question Trump over his position within the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, has stoked controversy contained in the Republican Party by persevering with to talk out towards Trump’s claims that the presidential election was stolen.

But some conservative teams have come out towards Stefanik, noting that she holds extra reasonable positions than Cheney.

Fox News’ anchor Chris Wallace grilled Banks on the variations in Stefanik’s and Cheney’s voting information within the House, noting that the conservative group Heritage Action gave Cheney an 80 p.c report and Stefanik a 48 p.c report.

Wallace stated it seems that Cheney is extra conservative and questioned whether or not she’s being ousted just because she’s “not as loyal to Donald Trump?”

Banks, the chief of the influential Republican Study Committee, stated that “completely misses the point” about why they need a change in management.

He stated Republicans ought to be united in focus to win again the bulk in 2022.

“And, at this point, the reason, Chris, that you and I are talking about Liz Cheney on this important program on Sunday morning is the exact evidence that she’s failed in her mission as the chief spokesperson of our party. We shouldn’t be talking about Liz Cheney, we should be talking about pushing back against the radical Biden agenda,” he stated.

“Why are you unwilling to discuss her criticism of President Trump?” Wallace continued.

“I’m not,” Banks responded.

Liz Cheney
Cheney voted to question Trump over the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

But Banks stated he needed to make it clear to Wallace and the viewers that “we’re not kicking her out of the Republican Party if she’s removed from her leadership post.”

As a chief Cheney doesn’t characterize simply her Wyoming district, he stated she represents “212 members of the Republican conference and right now it’s clear that she doesn’t represent the views of the majority of our conference or the focus that all of us have to win back the majority.”

Wallace continued to push Banks, lastly asking “is Joe Biden the legitimate president of the United States?”

“Yes, Joe Biden was elected. He was inaugurated on Jan. 20,” Banks stated.

“Is it a lie that the election was stolen? Did he contribute to the insurrection on the Capitol?” Wallace stated.

“I’ve never said that the election was stolen. I’ve said I have very serious concerns with how the election was conducted last November because of COVID rules that loosened voter identification laws. That’s why I objected on Jan. 6. I’ll never apologize for that,” Banks stated, referring to how he and different Republicans objected to certifying the Electoral College votes for Biden.

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