Mamata Banerjee got injured after car door slammed her leg: Eyewitness

A day after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee claimed she suffered injuries on being pushed by a bunch of “four or five people” in Nandigram, eyewitnesses mentioned no assault befell and termed it a mishap.

What eyewitnesses mentioned on incident

Nimai Maiti, proprietor of a candy store close to which the incident occurred, claimed that the TMC supremo got injured after the door of the car she was travelling in slammed her leg.

“The incident happened in front of my shop. Around 6.15 pm, Mamata Banerjee was moving from one temple to another and at this exact spot there is a turn. While she was waving and was half out of the vehicle, people rushed in, causing the door of her car to slam her leg,” Maiti advised India Today.

On Wednesday, information company ANI had quoted two locals who claimed that Mamata Banerjee was not pushed or attacked. Both claimed that they weren’t related to any political social gathering.

“A crowd had gathered to see the CM. When she was leaving, she fell down and got injured on her neck and leg. She was not pushed, people were only gathering to see her,” Suman Maity, a pupil, advised ANI.

Another eyewitness, Chitranjan Das, advised ANI, “Mamata Banerjee came back from visiting temples and she was sitting in her car with the door open. There was a hoarding in front of the car which fell down on the door and hit Banerjee on her neck and knee.”

Mamata Banerjee nervous about prospects in Nandigram: BJP

Claiming that the TMC supremo, eyeing her third time period as CM in Bengal, was nervous about her prospects in Nandigram, BJP mentioned not one eyewitness “corroborated Banerjee’s ‘attack’ version”.

“Nandigram is angry with Mamata Banerjee. She is blaming them for an attack, which as several eye witness accounts suggest, was at best an accident. It seems her driver moved the car while she had her leg out of the door. Can Nandigram ever trust her to be fair to them?” Bengal BJP tweeted.

“Not one eye witness seems to corroborate Mamata Banerjee’s ‘attack’ version. People of Nandigram are upset and angry at her for blaming them and bringing disrepute. Clearly she is nervous about her prospects in Nandigram and has now lost confidence, if any, of the people too,” the social gathering mentioned.

Mamata Banerjee suffered accidents on ankle, toe, shoulder: Doctors

Meanwhile, docs of SSKM Hospital, the place Banerjee is admitted, have confirmed that she suffered injuries on her ankle and shoulder and could be stored below statement for 48 hours.

“Initial examination suggests severe injuries in her left ankle, foot and bruises, injuries in right shoulder, forearm and neck. The chief minister complained of chest pain and breathlessness since the incident,” mentioned Dr M Bandopadhya.

TMC leaders to go to Election Commission

The Election Commission has sought a report from West Bengal Chief Secretary Allapan Bandyopadhyay, its basic observer Ajay Naik and particular police observer Vivek Dubey on the incident.

State minister Partha Chatterjee mentioned a delegation of TMC leaders would go to the Election Commission and take up the matter with the constitutional authority

“Cowards have been trying to stop Mamata Banerjee but no one has been able to. Firstly state ADG Law & Order was removed then DG. I am surprised to see how EC, who made all changes, is silent. They must take responsibility,” he mentioned.

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