Miami condo board blames Myles Chefetz for DaBaby shooting

An ugly row with “racist undertones” is raging after a terrifying gun battle in Miami’s glitzy SoFi district on Monday evening which led to red-hot rapper DaBaby and his entourage being questioned by cops.

There’s a blame sport occurring among the many metropolis’s One Percenters over who could also be accountable for bringing a “gangster element” into the flowery neighborhood.

The board of the ultra-luxe South Beach Continuum condominium constructing — which was struck by bullets within the melee — has despatched a jaw-dropping letter to its residents, pinning the blame squarely on famed restaurateur Myles Chefetz.

Even although Chefetz’s close by Prime 112 and Prime Italian eating places have been under no circumstances concerned within the shoot-out, the board stunningly claimed that Chefetz is on the hook for the violence as a result of, “Myles is shut pals with many Basketball, Football, and Music Stars who frequent his institutions.

The board added within the letter, “Stars of this nature also attract a Hip Hop crowd that by its nature can bring with it a gangster element and attitude.”

Neither DaBaby, 29, nor his crew are believed to have visited or meant to go to both Prime 122 or Prime Italian the evening of the gun battle, wherein two individuals have been shot.

The rapper was questioned by police following the incident and was released without charge on Tuesday.

The board of a Miami condominium is blaming Myles Chefetz for the Monday shooting incident involving DaBaby.
The board of a Miami condominium is blaming Myles Chefetz for the Monday shooting incident involving DaBaby.
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While the board wrote that it had spoken to Chefetz about this incident and bizarrely claimed that he “agreed and is aware” that his restaurant has “attracted an increasingly dangerous crowd” to the neighborhood, a spokesperson for Chefetz informed Page Six of the letter, “Myles Chefetz did not write it, it was not sent to him in advance, and he vehemently objects to the letter to the extent it may be perceived to express a racist undertone.”

A Chefetz assertion added, that the shooting “was extremely disturbing. Although the incident took place in the vicinity of Prime 112 and [sister restaurant] Prime Italian, thankfully none of their patrons or employees were injured.”

It additionally mentioned that “as longtime enterprise leaders within the neighborhood, the Prime household instantly instituted measures to reduce the danger of an incident like this from ever occurring once more. 

“Key to those measures was the hiring of an Off-Duty Miami Beach Police Officer to be present on [its block] during hours of operation.”

Another supply mentioned regulars at Prime 112 embrace a bunch of stars corresponding to Drake, Shaquille O’Neal, Amar’e Stoudemire and Miami Heat gamers.

Many are shut pals with Chefetz, and, “it is outrageous to say that any of these patrons are related to a dangerous crowd or a ‘gangster element’,” the supply added.

The shooting didn’t happen inside Prime 112 however occurred close by, outdoors on the road close by, on the Corner of First Street Ocean Drive.

Soon after Monday evening’s 11:30 p.m. gun battle, sources informed us, “DaBaby and his crew were traveling in around six SUVs, and either a car pulled up on them and started something or their doors hit each other and they got in a fight.”

Two individuals have been shot, one within the leg, the opposite within the shoulder. One sufferer has reportedly been paralyzed by the incident.

We reported that the “Rockstar” rapper and round 10 of his entourage have been detained after the battle, however DaBaby was released without charge after being questioned by police.

TMZ has reported that one member of his entourage, rapper Wisdom has since “been arrested for attempted murder with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a firearm.”

The Continuum board didn’t reply to our requests for remark.

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