Model can orgasm just by thinking about it

She’s bought intercourse on the mind.

An LA Instagram mannequin claims she can will herself to orgasm with just her thoughts — and that it’s much more satisfying than having intercourse for actual.

“I am more like a mind-stimulation person, I don’t need to be touched to feel aroused,” Marcela Iglesias, 44, who has over 380,000 followers on Instagram, instructed Jam Press of her mind-bending self-titillation approach. Indeed, after two years of perfecting her strategies, the mom of 1 claims she can simply hit the massive O with out touching herself.

To expertise a hands-free climax, the psychological masturbator says it’s important to stimulate the pineal gland, the melatonin-producing part of the brain that regulates sleep patterns, temper, metabolism and extra.

Iglesias achieves this psychological “detox” by abstaining from alcohol and meat, swapping butter for ghee and even giving up toothpaste that accommodates fluoride.

“I want to be as clean as possible so I can elevate my state of mind in different situations,” the self-proclaimed “Queen of Hollywood” explains of the erotic train.

Iglesias even supplements her psychological sex simulations with O-shots to the clitoris.
Iglesias even dietary supplements her psychological intercourse simulations with O-shots to the clitoris.
Jam Press

“Ambiance is very important” to facilitating the mindf – – okay, in response to Iglesias, who likes to make use of music or ocean sounds to move her to totally different situations like a salacious Professor X from “X-Men.”

“I imagine being on a deserted island where the weather is very hot and the ocean is warm, and nobody is around,” the orgasmic meditator gushes. “Then this amazing being comes from nowhere and he feels very hot but he doesn’t necessarily have to look human, it is more like an energy that I feel.”

“I don’t need to touch myself or have sex to climax — I’m completely independent,” Iglesias added.

The influencer says her orgasmic meditation technique is better than actual sex.
The influencer says her orgasmic meditation approach is healthier than precise intercourse.
Jam Press

Naturally, this observe would possibly sound peculiar, nonetheless, the bombshell insists she isn’t having a sexistential disaster.

“I have always been fully satisfied with my sexuality and had a very open mind but since doing this practice I can achieve such an incredible orgasm,” the intercourse guru claims. Not solely that, however her husband — who hasn’t been rendered out of date but — is reportedly happy with his spouse for taking such excellent care of her physique.

Unfortunately, as of but, there’s little analysis linking pineal gland stimulation with total well being — not to mention mind-bending orgasms, Jam Press reviews. Doctors counsel consulting a medical skilled earlier than making drastic modifications to at least one’s food regimen.

Iglesias has over 380k followers on Instagram.
Iglesias has over 380,000 followers on Instagram.
Jam Press

In truth, many have dismissed the observe of “orgasmic meditation” as a fable. In 2020, critics eviscerated the mental arousal advocate OneTaste — based by California native Nicole Daedone in 2001 — which they described as a “sex cult” full with a messianic chief.

Nonetheless, the pleasure seeker prescribes “this experience to anybody” hoping to succeed in erotic Elysium. To improve the sexperience, Iglesias reportedly bought an O-shot in 2019, a drug-free, non-surgical resolution that entails injecting a affected person’s personal platelet-rich plasma (PRP) close to the clitoris, Jam Press reported, which reportedly provides sufferers elevated libido, better clitoral arousal and extra highly effective and frequent orgasms.

“It definitely feels more sensitive down there, I would recommend it to anyone,” the masturbation maven added.

"I don’t need to touch myself or have sex to climax, I’m completely independent," Iglesias added.
“I don’t need to touch myself or have sex to climax — I’m completely independent,” Iglesias stated.
Jam Press

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