‘Oxygen’ Plot Twist Ending, Explained

Warning: This article accommodates main Oxygen spoilers for Mélanie Laurent’s new Netflix film. That is why you clicked on it, proper?

The new Netflix film Oxygen hits somewhat otherwise in 2021, after so many people have spent the final yr or so in varied phases of lockdown as a result of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

To say that Oxygen is claustrophobic is an understatement. From Alexandre Aja—the director who introduced you the epic large alligator thriller, Crawl—this film is a puzzle field. As in, fairly actually, actor Mélanie Laurent is trapped in a field, and he or she has to determine the best way to get out.

The movie is in French, however English-speaking viewers have the choice to activate the English audio. No matter the way you watch it, this film may have you on the sting of your seat, eagerly awaiting the Oxygen plot twist—and hoo boy, is it a doozy. If you possibly can’t stand the wait, or for those who have been left scratching your head, learn on for the Oxygen ending, defined.

What is the Oxygen plot abstract?

A lady (Laurent) wakes up trapped in a high-tech, coffin-like medical cryo-unit referred to as an “Omicron.” She has no reminiscence of who she is or why she is within the cryo. An AI pc voice named MILO (Mathieu Amalric) informs her that she is operating out of oxygen, so she higher remedy this thriller rapidly.

Through asking MILO questions, the girl discovers that her identify is Liz, that she is a flowery genetics physician, and that she has a husband named Leo (Malik Zidi). She remembers flashes of her life with Leo, however not rather more than that. She manages to name the police, and whereas at first, they attempt to assist her, then they begin to insist that Liz doesn’t have a husband; that the stress is making her see issues. Angry, Liz hangs up the telephone.

Liz additionally contacts an older girl, who she finds when she calls the quantity that MILO has on file for Leo. Eventually, this older girl tells Liz she is in area, 1000’s of miles away from the Earth. She is a part of a mission run by the military to find a brand new residence for the human race, which is predicted to die out in two generations.

Oxygen ending explained
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The police, appearing underneath the federal government’s orders, lied to Liz as a result of they feared how she would react to her returning reminiscences—if she blew her cowl to the fallacious particular person, your complete operation may go public and trigger mass panic. Instead, the police tried to maintain her on the telephone for so long as attainable, hoping the oxygen would run out, and doing what they may to stop Liz from recovering her reminiscence.

The outdated girl on the telephone tells Liz that her husband Leo was actual, however acquired sick and died from “the virus.” It’s not clear what precisely the virus was—it includes coughing up blood, a basic symptom for a Hollywood virus—however contemplating Oxygen was filmed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it comes off as a nod to coronavirus.

The outdated girl says that Liz has been in hypersleep for 12 years, however that one thing should have gone fallacious to wake her up. She advises Liz to discover a strategy to divert some energy within the Omicron to be able to return to hypersleep, and to take action earlier than her oxygen degree dips under 2 %.

How does Oxygen on Netflix finish? What is the Oxygen plot twist?

Liz turns off the filter on the window of her pod, and at last will get a superb take a look at the place she is within the movie’s most spectacular shot: She’s on a large freakin’ spaceship! A lifeless physique floating exterior her window means that there was some form of accident, and a number of the pods have been broken and destroyed.

Using bursts of ache to assist her bear in mind, Liz remembers that Leo was additionally put right into a pod—Omicron 42. She will get a visible of his pod, and asks MILO to uncover his face. He’s alive! Wait, what? Didn’t he die from illness?

Liz realizes Leo is lacking the scar on his head that she remembers him having. Then all of it comes flooding again: Our “Liz” is actually a 12-year-old clone who was given the reminiscences of the unique, human Liz. The outdated girl that Liz spoke to on the telephone—the one who claimed she was the one one who may assist her—was the unique Liz, or Dr. Elizabeth Hansen

Finally, Liz asks MILO what an Omicron is. It’s not, as Liz thought, the cryo that she is trapped in. MILO replies, “Omicrons are non-contaminated genetic human reproductions designed to propagate the human race on Wolf 10-61c.” Or, as Liz succinctly sums up: She’s “a fucking clone.” What?!

Oxygen explained
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Clone!Liz barely has time to course of this revelation earlier than her oxygen degree turns into vital, and Milo tries to manage “charitable euthanasia.” She manages to unplug all of her tubes earlier than the deadly injection will get to her. Then Liz reroutes the facility for the euthanasia course of, which implies she lastly has sufficient energy for MILO to re-administer hypersleep. There’s only one drawback: Those tubes that she simply unplugged? Yeah, she wants these tubes plugged in for the hypersleep factor.

Liz painstakingly plugs all the things again in, however by the point she does, her oxygen degree is at 1 %. She can return to hypersleep, however she won’t survive the resurrection—she wants at the very least 2 % oxygen to get up. Man, that sucks!

At the final second, Liz realizes that the broken Omicrons have oxygen she will use. MILO guarantees to hold out the maneuver to switch that oxygen—which he says will take 14,227 minutes, or rather less than 10 days—whereas Liz is in hypersleep. That needs to be loads of time since MILO says the journey to the planet Wolf 10-61c will take 34 years.

What is the Oxygen ending defined?

In the film’s remaining scene, we see clone-Leo (Malik Zidi)standing on a seashore, on what we assume is the planet Wolf 10-61c. He is carrying a white jumpsuit, the de facto Hollywood uniform for clones. Clone-Liz approaches him and offers him a hug. Both of the clones lived, and now they will presumably get to work on retaining the human race alive by populating this new planet with their clone infants.

Everybody lives! Huzzah!

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