Positive energy will be saved: Babul Supriyo targets Dilip, Kunal Ghosh in new post over his ‘retirement’

A day after he introduced his retirement from lively politics, former Union minister and BJP chief Babul Supiyo shared one other post on his Facebook wall, this time concentrating on West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh and TMC’s Kunal Ghosh for his or her feedback over his choice.

Sharing screenshots of feedback by Dilip Ghosh and Kunal Ghosh, Babul Supriyo wrote in Bangla, “I have read your comments. Each is seeing it in their own way and understanding it in that way and supporting it, they are opposing it, they are raising questions and also asking. Some people are using language as per their choice. I accept it all, but I can respond with my work. Why do I have to be at the post of an MP or a Minister?”

“Give me some time. I will now focus on my singing and shows. I will have a lot of time in hand. I will not have to deal with such comments every day. So much positive energy will be saved. I can use this positive energy for good work,” Babul Supriyo added.

Reacting to Babul Supriyo’s retirement from politics, BJP’s West Bengal unit president Dilip Ghosh mentioned at a press convention, “Who writes what I do not see. Has he given his resignation, please find out. Who is going where why will a comment on this? Someone entering politics of quitting is an individual choice, I will not say anything on this. By posting something on Facebook one cannot quit politics, make him understand.”

In a post, TMC’s Kunal Ghosh had mentioned, “Lok Sabha is on and Speaker is sitting. And instead of giving his resignation, there is drama on Facebook. Has no desire to quit. He is trying to get people to follow him. Like in Sholay where Dharmendra gets on to the tank and creates drama, Babul wants to divert attention. Actually, he used to sing but now he is doing drama.”

In a sensational Facebook post on Saturday, Babul Supiyo announced his decision to quit politics. “After speaking to my father, mother, wife daughter and friends and understanding everything, I am saying that I am switching over to any other party. I have not been called by TMC, Congress or CPIM and neither am I joining them. I am one team player! Have always supported one team Mohun Bagan. Have done only one party BJP. That’s it!” he wrote.

However, moments later, Babul Supriyo edited the post and eliminated your complete bit about not becoming a member of one other get together. The edited paragraph mentioned, “After speaking to my father, mother, wife daughter and friends and understanding everything, I am saying that I am leaving.”

Babul Supriyo was not too long ago dropped from the Union Cabinet in the reshuffle of ministers by the Narendra Modi-led NDA authorities.

Babul Supriyo, who had misplaced the 2021 West Bengal Assembly polls from Tollyganj constituency, mentioned he was quitting politics as a result of he wanted time for himself. He mentioned whereas he joined politics to do social work, it was not essential to be in politics to assist folks.

Babul Supriyo will stay in get together, say BJP leaders

On Babul Supriyo’s announcement on political retirement, BJP leaders mentioned he put out the message in haste and would proceed to stay with the get together.

BJP chief Rahul Sinha mentioned, “I have not spoken to him (Babul Supriyo), if needed will speak. As far as I can read him, he joined in my presence in 2014. He wanted to contest from Hoogly/ I explained to him and made him stand in Asansol. Babul Supriya is passionate, thoughtful.”

“Artists are like that. He is still an MP. Emotions will subside, Babul Supriya is in BJP. He was, is and will work for the people for the BJP tomorrow,” he added.

Another BJP chief Saumitra Khan mentioned, “He is a good singer, a good MP and was a good minister. He is a political colleague. This happens, those who have emotions, this happens. I had emotions, he has emotions too.”

Watch: Babul Supriyo removes ‘won’t join any other party’ portion from farewell post on Facebook

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