Pratik Sehajpal says I will make Bigg Boss OTT the highest-rated season ever: Interview

Pratik Sehajpal missed his likelihood to be on Bigg Boss 14 on account of work commitments. However, this 12 months, his followers will get to see him on Bigg Boss OTT. The actuality TV star, who was the first runner-up on Ace of Space Season 1, feels his total being is over the prime. In an unique chat with, he spoke about BB OTT, not making it to BB 15 and likewise his favorite BB contestants.


Speaking about not being on Bigg Boss 14, he stated, “Let me tell you the truth. I signed the contract last year also but due to some work commitments I could not join. Otherwise, that would have been a different story altogether. I have never said no to Bigg Boss, my mom has always wanted to see me on the show. Something or the other always came up, but I think this is the right time. This will be the highest-rated TRP season.”

If Pratik would have been on BB 14, the viewers would have gotten to see his clashes along with his ex-girlfriend Pavitra Punia, who was additionally on the present. When requested if he feels he received saved from the clashes, he replied, “Bache toh woh contestant hai jinhone meraa saamna nahi kiya. Logon ko lagta hai clashes hoti but wahi milta hai jo kismat mein hota hai. Unke kismat mein yehi hai. Last year, I could not come on Bigg Boss due to work commitments, but the reason was that I had to come in this season and make it the highest-rated season ever (People who didn’t have to face me have actually been saved. They feel clashes would have happened (between Pavitra and Pratik) but we get what’s in our destiny.).”


Pratik hasn’t strategised something earlier than coming into the home. “My strategy is to just chill, don’t plan, don’t strategise anything. Andar ja ke move with the flow and do things according to whatever comes your way. I know that I have a strong personality, but everything else I am going to figure out inside. The best strategy is to be real. If you are unreal you will be exposed and if you are real it will beat all the other things. Just be honest, truthful and real. This is the only strategy that one should have while entering Bigg Boss,” he added.


The Bebakee actor feels successful hearts is extra necessary than successful the trophy on Bigg Boss. “Winning the trophy is different, but my main thing is to be real. My motive is to win hearts. Once you win hearts, it does not matter if you win the show or not. It has happened that Bigg Boss winners are nowhere to be seen and people who were first and second runners up have achieved great success.”


It seems to be like Bigg Boss 10 was his favorite season. Speaking about his favorite BB star Swami Om, Pratik stated, “Swami Om was very entertaining. Interesting tha woh banda. Pata nahi kaun se grah se leke aaye the usko. Hats off to the casting team. Manveer Gurjar and Bani were also nice. One thing I didn’t like about Bani was that she didn’t perform tasks. Manveer had that thing that he could win and he did.”


Earlier, Pratik had revealed on social media that he has anger administration points. When requested if he has labored on it or it will trigger issues for him in the BB home, he stated, “I still have anger issues and it will be a problem for others. They shouldn’t trigger me. If they do, they will have to face the consequences. I am not going inside to please anyone. I will do what I like in the BB house.”

The actor is aware of find out how to prepare dinner and do family chores, nevertheless it will depend upon his temper whether or not he desires to do this stuff inside the home or not. Speaking about being an ideal match for BB OTT, he stated, “My entire being is over-the-top. My body, soul, energy, my aggression, my emotions…every single thing that exists within me is over-the-top.”

Pratik Sehajpal is a actuality TV star. He has appeared on MTV Love School 3 and Ace Of Space Season 1. While he did not win any of the present, he was the first runner-up on Ace of Space.

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