Pregnant woman slammed for weightlifting 315 pounds

This eight-months-pregnant weightlifter is pumping some critical big-mama drama — however she’s pushing previous the shade parade like a mom slugger.

Squatting with 315-pound weights on her again and about 5 pounds of unborn child in her stomach, fitness trainer Yanyah Milutinović is on the middle of a mom-shaming cyber storm spun by “haters” nervous that her buns-of-steel exercises are hurting her bun within the oven. 

But their digital digs don’t trouble her.

“Those little ass-clowns on Instagram can’t stop me from doing what I do,” Milutinović, 34, informed The Post. “I’m unbreakable.”

Crude critiques like “This isn’t it sis…You’re putting your baby’s life in danger” flood the remark part of a Reels video that includes Milutinović executing a sequence of squats and deadlifts along with her husband Risel Martinez, 31. 

“If I was your husband I would have you arrested you clout hungry h—,” one other keyboard critic commented. “Is this legal?” another shady naysayer mentioned of Milutinović, a Serbian and Finnish native of Sweden. She is now residing in New York with Martinez, who works as an NYPD police officer, and their 3-old-daughter, Smiljana. She’s resulting from give beginning to their second little one, a boy, subsequent month. 

8-month pregnant mom Yanyah Milutinović is facing baby bump backlash for lifting 315 weights during pregnancy.
Eight-month pregnant mother Yanyah Milutinović is going through baby-bump backlash for lifting 315 weights.
Jam Press/@yanyahgotitmade

In her problematic Instagram put up — which has racked up over 10,000 views on her verified account — the musclebound mommy-to-be superimposed screenshots of the scoldings she repeatedly receives from social media sharpshooters who accuse her of pumping heavy iron for on-line reputation. 

“Anything for the attention. Like really, what’s the point?” one attacker wrote, utilizing the thumbs-down emoji to punctuate their displeasure along with her being pregnant exercises. 

But Milutinović — who workout routines three to 6 days every week, conducts in-person health coaching classes for as much as 12 shoppers weekly and has nonetheless gained about 40 pounds all through her being pregnant — is unfazed by the backlash. 

“People online think I’m working out for Instagram fame or for vanity because I want to look good,” she mentioned. “But for me that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

In firing again at web trolls, Milutinović penned a prolonged caption for her controversial May 15 put up: “Imagine if I would have lived my life the way that they would want me to, and that I allowed comments like these to break me down?” she wrote.

“Or dictate my decisions to live a healthy life for myself and my unborn child?” the pregnant powerhouse continued, including that she exuded the identical quantity of sweat fairness whereas carrying her daughter in 2017. “I am confident, strong, knowledgeable and in tune with myself and my growing child.”

To bolster her case, Milutinović claimed that there’s a flurry of research that again her selection to run, squat and lift whereas housing her little honey.

“There are so many health benefits to exercise for the mother and the growing child,” she insisted. “Research has shown that women who are active during pregnancy have children with higher IQs.”

Milutinović said her OBGYN is supportive of her intense workout regimen, and has assured her that the baby is developing at healthy rates.
Milutinović claimed her OBGYN is supportive of her intense exercise routine.
Jam Press/@yanyahgotitmade

She additionally alleged that her OBGYN is “super supportive” of her health decisions and assured that her incoming son is developing at a healthy rate.

“We did a genetic test of the baby and he passed with flying colors,” Milutinović bragged. “He’s actually a little bit bigger than other babies at this stage.”

The expecting exercise queen said she followed the same bodybuilding routine during her first pregnancy with her now three-year-old daughter Smiljana.
The anticipating train queen mentioned she adopted the identical bodybuilding routine throughout her first being pregnant along with her now 3-year-old daughter, Smiljana.
Jam Press/@yanyahgotitmade

And her unashamed self-assuredness has attracted a handful of on-line allies, cheering her on for bodybuilding to the beat of her personal drum. 

“You’ve been such an inspiration to me for years now,” one social media supporter mentioned in Milutinović’s feedback part. “Just know way more of us got your back than there are lazy, knowledge-less clowns that wanna attack you.”

“Wooow, people are dumb. I am inspired by your strength and consistency,” one other Instagram fan applauded. 

And as a remaining handle to her digital defenders and detractors alike, Milutinović mentioned: “[I am] aware of who I am and what I want. I am built different.”

Milutinović is grateful for her supporters and excited to welcome her new bundle of joy in June.
Milutinović is grateful for her supporters and excited to welcome her new bundle of pleasure in June.
Jam Press/@yanyahgotitmade

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