She’s heard the spirits’ call

British psychic Paula Roberts, whose work is archived at the University of West Georgia, says: “The spirit world is shut by. To everybody. Sensing I used to be not alone, I used to be made conscious at age 4. Spiritualist church buildings are robust in the British Isles. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ fame was founding father of Great Britain’s spiritualist affiliation.

“Your friend Joan Rivers believed in spirits and hired me to cleanse her apartment. She sensed something. I, too, felt unhappy, uncomfortable there and needed to be out of the place. I next learned its previous owner, living alone, was removed by undertakers who then dropped her body in the elevator. Joan called a shaman for a cleansing then summoned me. She was obviously a person who attracts spirits. When one is aware of them they jump in to play.”

Yeah. OK. So inform us about New York — and America.

“New York will have a sea shift. With empty office towers converting to apartments, youngsters who couldn’t afford it before will flood us. As to America, ambassadorships, previously awarded to friends, will discontinue. Our embassies will have envoys with specific knowledge of the country to which they’re assigned. It will help in improving relationships.”

Seasonally employed

NAMES are sleigh-riding once more. Last yr was Sarah Brightman’s “Christmas Symphony.” This yr she’ll deck Santa’s halls Nov. 26 in Bethlehem, Pa., and finish Dec. 21 in New Orleans . . . Sarah’s singing about winter and rapper Flo Rida’s new single is “Summer’s Not Ready.” How about Ella Fitzgerald’s “Autumn in New York”?

The world is awakening. Glenn Close grabbed the lead with Peter Dinklage and Josh Brolin in “Brothers.” A assured comedy . . . Timothée Chalamet and Chloë Sevigny are in “Bones and All.” It’s a horror factor . . . Flat out drama? Gabrielle Union doing no matter’s known as “The Inspection” . . . “Paradise City” has Bruce Willis and John Travolta collectively once more after “Pulp Fiction” 27 years in the past. It’s “Miami Vice”-ish.

Self-made girl

KHLOÉ Kardashian has admitted she’s had a nostril job (plus presumably a couple of filler fillers). Oh, what a shock. Oh, be nonetheless my coronary heart — additionally at this time’s Botox doc, electrolysist, dermatologist, cosmetologist, plastic surgeon, hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer, retoucher, assistant, dresser, stylist, designer, lighting specialist, digicam man and her mother-hoverer.

Failing grads

IT’s commencement month. Ted Danson acquired bored at Stanford . . . Candice Bergen flunked out of Penn . . . John Waters acquired kicked out of NYU for smoking pot . . . Bill Gates? Like Matt Damon, a Harvard dropout . . . Due to a civil rights protest Samuel L. Jackson was expelled from his eventual alma mater Morehouse College . . . Per biographer Dave MarshBruce Springsteen left from Ocean County Community College. Why? “On grounds of unacceptable weirdness.”

Does DA dare he?

ANSWER to what’s Vance contemplating? It’s RICO (that’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act). Aimed at a “criminal enterprise” that means “a group sharing a common purpose of engaging in criminal conduct,” it was the federal act Giuliani used towards the mob. Used towards seemingly legit actions — a few of that are mainly semi not kosher — one factor is: “The defendant had knowledge of the existence of a criminal enterprise and the nature of its activities and was employed by or associated with that enterprise.”

Question: Is this a stretch by the questioning DA? Answer: We’ll see.

DUE to NYC’s rising crime drawback, Biden’s subsequent Hamptons speech will likely be about taking management of life, mastering one’s personal destiny, instructing one’s personal youngster, asserting one’s personal place in the house — no less than that’s what his personal spouse instructed him to speak about.

Only in New York, youngsters, solely in New York. 

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