Signs of respite in Maharashtra, Delhi but dip in national numbers no cause for joy

For the third consecutive day on Monday, India reported a slight decline in every day Covid-19 numbers after changing into the one nation in the world to file over 4 lakh cases on April 30. The decline got here on the again of indicators of respite seen in massive contributor states corresponding to Maharashtra, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

However, the decline will not be a cause for celebration as it’s accompanied by a discount in every day pattern testing on these three days. The case positivity charge for these three days additionally confirmed a rise from about 20 per cent to about 25 per cent.

Simply put, India continues to be on tenterhooks though the numbers might make authorities and folks really feel a bit relaxed.


After reporting the very best every day Covid-19 instances at over 68,600 on April 18, Maharashtra remained in the 60K-zone for nearly relaxation of April with occasional dips on Saturdays and Sundays. It has been exhibiting a decline in every day Covid-19 instances after April 29.

The decline in every day Covid-19 numbers appears to be an indicator of precise enchancment in the coronavirus pandemic scenario in Maharashtra because the discount in figures has not essentially been accompanied by fewer testing of samples.

Maharashtra examined over 2.77 lakh samples on April 18 when it reported the very best quantity of every day Covid-19 instances. However, the numbers didn’t improve in subsequent days when pattern testing elevated reaching over 2.90 lakh on April 30.

However, the sharp decline in every day Covid-19 instances in Maharashtra on May 2 and May 3 got here together with a big drop in testing samples. Maharashtra normally experiences fewer instances on Mondays (e.g., May 2).

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What is important in Maharashtra’s case is that its positivity charge, which was in mid-20s (24-27 per cent) in mid-April, got here all the way down to early-20s (21-22 per cent) when it elevated testing in the second half of April. The positivity charge, nonetheless, elevated to 23 per cent on May 3 because the pattern testing dropped by about 46,000.

Maharashtra has reported a decline in lively instances on 5 of the final 10 days. As a consequence, the quantity of lively instances in Maharashtra has dropped by over 43,000 since April 22 when lively caseload was about 7 lakh.


Kerala has been reporting declining quantity of every day Covid-19 instances since April 29, when it reported greater than 38,600 coronavirus infections. It was Kerala’s highest every day quantity of Covid-19 instances in April, when the second wave of the pandemic picked up tempo.

Kerala has proven decline in every day instances after that, reaching a low of 26,000 on May 3. However, throughout this era, Kerala reported the very best every day fatalities of its second wave (48, 49, 48, 49 and 45).

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Also, the decline in every day Covid-19 instances in Kerala got here together with a drop in the quantity of every day exams for coronavirus an infection. Kerala examined most quantity of samples at over 1.57 lakh on April 29, when it recorded its highest every day determine of Covid-19 instances.

Subsequently, Kerala confirmed a constant decline in testing samples for Covid-19 dropping to lower than 96,300 on May 3. During this era, the positivity charge remained in the neighborhood of 25 per cent reaching a excessive of over 28 per cent on May 2 and 27 per cent on May 3.

This signifies that each fourth individual being examined in Kerala is a Covid-19 affected person. This reveals that SARS-CoV-2 is spreading alarmingly quick in Kerala opposite to social media notion that the state has been managing Covid-19 pandemic exceptionally effectively.

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Consequently, Kerala has seen an exponential rise in lively quantity of instances of Covid-19 in the previous one month, significantly after mid-April. It crossed 1 lakh lively instances on April 19 and by May 3, it had added one other 2.43 lakh lively instances in 14 days.


After reporting over 28,000 Covid-19 instances on April 20, Delhi has proven extra slides than spikes in every day figures of coronavirus infections. But Delhi additionally presents an enigma. It has proven a basic decline in the quantity of samples which are being examined.

Delhi elevated every day testing in early April when the instances of Covid-19 have been rising in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. But the every day testing figures declined in the second half of April when instances rose exponentially.

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For instance, Delhi examined its highest quantity of samples at over 1.14 lakh on April 11, when it reported near 10,800 Covid-19 instances. But on April 20, when its every day Covid-19 determine reached the very best level, it examined about 86,500 samples.

The positivity charge on April 20 in Delhi was about 33 per cent. It remained over 30 per cent for the remainder of April as testing figures didn’t enhance a lot. The positivity charge reached the very best level at over 36 per cent on April 22.

It dropped under 30 per cent on May 2 and May 3 because the pattern testing declined additional. On May 3, Delhi examined solely about 61,000 samples – the second lowest every day quantity in the previous one month.

Accentuated by decrease pattern testing, Delhi has reported a decline in lively caseload on 4 of the previous 5 days. As a consequence, the lively quantity of Covid-19 instances, which had reached nearly 1 lakh on April 28, decreased by over 10,000 by May 3 to face at about 89,600.

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Other Signs of Worry

Some different worst-affected states corresponding to Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh have ceaselessly proven a decline in every day instances of Covid-19. However, in most of the states a decline in Covid-19 instances is accompanied by a decrease testing of samples for the day.

Uttar Pradesh, although, in the previous few days has proven a decline in positivity charge regardless of a rise in pattern testing. Uttar Pradesh had a positivity charge of 19 per cent on April 26 (the very best for the month), when it examined 1.74 lakh samples.

As the pattern testing elevated persistently on every day foundation to over 2.97 lakh on May 2, the positivity charge confirmed a corresponding decline reaching a low of 10 per cent. It elevated on May 3 to about 13 per cent because the pattern testing quantity dropped by about 68,000 over the day gone by.

West Bengal is another state where the Covid-19 cases are rising, and the positivity charge has remained over 30 per cent for the final one week. Bihar, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are among the many different main states which are nonetheless witnessing a surge in Covid-19 pandemic wave.

Karnataka is one more hotspot that continues to point out spikes in every day Covid-19 numbers with a really excessive positivity charge. Neighbouring Tamil Nadu is among the many prime contributors to the national Covid-19 tally with rising positivity charge and nearly plateaued pattern testing figures.

Among smaller states, Goa is exhibiting an alarmingly excessive positivity charge that’s in extra of 40 per cent. On some days, the positivity charge for Covid-19 is over 50 per cent.

Uttarakhand has additionally proven a spike in every day Covid-19 figures after organising the Kumbh Mela in April. Its positivity charge elevated from under two per cent in early April to round 20 per cent by the top of the month, persevering with into May.

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