So Fmr. Sen. Harry Reid Knows All about Skinwalker Ranch

How have you learnt when a UFO docuseries is legit? Is it the graphics? The narration? The obscurity of the studies and encounters?  Showtime’s UFO docuseries has two issues going for it that elevate it far, far above the dime a dozen UFO specials that air on primary cable on Sunday afternoons. It’s a J.J. Abrams manufacturing, for one factor. And the opposite factor? You realize it’s legit when an precise political titan like Harry f’ing Reid pops as much as speak about unidentified flying objects.

That’s what occurs in UFO, and an enormous chunk of Episode 2 is devoted to the previous Nevada senator and former Senate Majority Leader’s curiosity in learning paranormal phenomena. I reiterate: that is wild. Usually these specials are populated with ufologists, small press authors, small city abductees, and individuals who change into memes as a result of how might they not change into a meme?

inherent racism of Ancient Aliens
Photo: History Channel ; Illustration: Dillen Phelps

These specials don’t often embrace former United States senators, particularly ones recognized for preventing the mob in Nevada and choking a dude for trying to bribe him during an FBI sting. Harry Reid doesn’t fiddle—particularly in terms of UFOs!

Reid’s interest in UFOs has been public data for some time, however J.J. Abrams and firm bought him on digicam speaking about the government-funded, Pentagon-approved UFO investigation unit that he helped discovered again in 2007. The company—Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or AATIP—was tasked with investigating studies of unidentified flying objects and different paranormal phenomena. After a decade within the shadows, the existence of AATIP was revealed via the NY Times, with Reid’s involvement. Reid’s like an actual life Cigarette-Smoking Man, however not camera-shy.

Harry Reid and CSM from X-Files
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But UFO goes even additional, connecting Former Senate Majority Leader Reid with one other a part of paranormal lore that’s far more wild than alien craft. If you’ve ever needed to listen to Fmr. Sen. Reid say the phrases “Skinwalker Ranch,” UFO is the sequence for you.

If you’ve been taking note of ufology by way of streamable content material and cable reveals over the previous two years, then you definately’ve heard quite a bit about Skinwalker Ranch. The locale bought its personal History sequence, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. Located in Utah, the ranch has been a hotspot of UFO sightings, supernatural occurrences, and animal mutilations for generations and generations. The ranch is known as after a malevolent, shapeshifting witch from Navajo tradition.

Photo: Showtime

Reid sums up Skinwalker Ranch thusly: “A lot of stuff on Skinwalker Ranch is very, very difficult to understand. There have been things reported up there for generations.” And as a result of all UFO mythology appears to be centered round this ranch, after all the ranch performed a significant function within the launching of AATIP.

As revealed in Episode 2 of UFO, an unnamed authorities physicist wrote to actual property tycoon and wily true believer Robert Bigelow and requested to go to the ranch. Bigelow gave Reid a name to see if this physicist was legit, and Reid did just a little background test. The physicist was cleared to go to the ranch the place, inside quarter-hour of his arrival, he had An Experience (particulars withheld). The sitting senator from Nevada then pulled that physicist into a gathering with Senator Daniel Inouye from Hawaii and Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska within the Capitol and growth, AATIP was born. Reid describes this as “one of the easiest sells I ever had to make” as a result of Sen. Stevens really noticed a UFO again when he was within the Army Air Corps.

And when it got here time at hand over $22 million to a man to run the Pentagon’s covert UFO job power, Reid checked out Bigelow, a self-made Republican billionaire who purchased a ranch to check ghosts and witches and aliens, and was like, “…Party.” They discovered their man!

All of that is extra stunning than something claimed on (the actually very racist) Ancient Aliens. It’s extra stunning as a result of all of that is true, as revealed within the NY Times after which spoken aloud by a retired political determine who very a lot has a legacy to guard. But what’s nice about Harry Reid is that he really brings a sense of legitimacy to a subject of research that has lengthy been deemed as kooky. As we now know, the federal government totally admits {that a} small share of those 1000’s of claims are unexplainable—and y’all know the federal government loves arising with “explanations.” Reid’s thumbs-up to learning unidentified aerial phenomena doesn’t appear so bizarre now, does it?

UFO doc - Harry Reid
Photo: Showtime

As Reid explains, “I am totally in favor of doing all the exploration we can beyond our world. We must remain curious, intellectually. We need to do everything we can to try to figure things out. I know that people, when I got started in this, thought that I was going in an area I shouldn’t have. ‘What the hell is he doing on this?’ But as time has gone on, even my wife, who wondered why I was so involved in unidentified flying objects, said to me a few months ago, ‘You’re not looking so bad now.’”

I assume it’s time for Harry Reid to get his personal UFO present on the History channel.

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