‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’ True Story: The Real Case of Arne Johnson

From the very first scene in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, director Michael Chaves needs audiences to know that that is based mostly on a real story.

The eighth installment within the common horror franchise begins with a title card that reads, “On July 18, 1981, Ed and Lorraine Warren were called to document the exorcism of David Glatzel.” The presence of a videographer within the exorcism that follows—the movie’s opening scene—implies the entire thing was caught on tape. A couple of minutes later, a scrolling title card provides extra context and firmly asserts that the horror film you’re about to observe is “based on a true story.”

No doubt the emphasis on the “true story” facet of the movie is a inventive alternative supposed to make for a spookier viewing expertise. And most followers of The Conjuring are probably simply there for some good, enjoyable scares. Hopefully, most viewers don’t take these assertions of fact too severely. After all, they simply watched an 8-year-old child in demon make-up do a backflip on a kitchen desk.

But the actual fact stays that little or no of what occurs on display screen in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It will be described as “historically accurate,” and virtually none of it may be confirmed as “a true story.” Let’s dig into how correct The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It true story actually is, and the real-life case of Arne Johnson.

Are The Conjuring motion pictures based mostly on actual life?

Sort of. But additionally no, probably not. The characters of Ed and Lorraine Warren—performed by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga within the Conjuring motion pictures—are based mostly on the real-life Ed and Lorraine Warren, who had been paranormal investigators and authors. Ed Warren was a self-taught “demonologist,” whereas Lorraine Warren claimed to be clairvoyant and a medium. The married couple would go to research claims of ghosts, demons, and different supernatural happenings, after which they wrote and bought books about these experiences. (Perhaps their most well-known case was the 1975 Amityville Horror murders, which has been popularized by a number of books and flicks.)

That stated, simply because the Warrens had been actual individuals—Ed Warren died in 2006, whereas Lorraine Warren died in 2019—that doesn’t imply the issues they claimed to have seen or performed are true. The Conjuring motion pictures are horror, so of course, the ghosts are going to be actual inside the context of the film. However, although the Warrens are at all times portrayed because the heroes of the story on movie, in actual life, the Warrens had been criticized for significantly exaggerating their experiences and infrequently accused of fraud.

Beyond the entire ghosts factor, Warner Bros. got here underneath fireplace in a 2013 authorized submitting of misrepresenting the Warrens’ relationship. According to a 2017 characteristic in The Hollywood Reporter, a lady named Judith Penney alleged in authorized paperwork that she had a four-decade-long affair—together with when she was a authorized minor—with Ed Warren, and in addition accused Ed Warren of abusing Lorraine. Lorraine’s legal professional denied the allegations.

Is The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It based mostly on a real story?

Again, type of. The story was impressed by the real-life court docket case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, which is thought for being the primary authorized case within the U.S. during which the defendant used “demonic possession” as a authorized protection for stabbing a person to loss of life.

As we see within the movie, Ed and Lorraine Warren had been concerned in that case, and certainly had been those to assist carry nationwide consideration to it. But most of The Conjuring 3 is spent not on the precise court docket case—of which there’s verified documentation—however on a very fictionalized story involving the Warrens monitoring down the satanist who cursed Arne, in addition to a aspect plot a couple of lacking lady. Beyond that, many of the small print of the homicide had been modified—there was no witch’s totem discovered on the crime scene, the sufferer was really Arne’s landlord, the placement was outdoors a canine kennel not inside a home, there have been extra witnesses to the homicide… the listing goes on.

And regardless of the movie’s emphasis that this a “true story”—together with textual content firstly and finish of the movie establishing and concluding Arne’s story, as properly audio of the supposed “actual exorcism” of the younger boy David Glatzel over the credit—there’s lots The Conjuring 3 leaves out in regards to the case of Arne Johnson.

Arne C. Johnson, 19, of Brookfield, CT, arrives at Danbury Superior Court where a grand jury was asked to indict him in the stabbing death of Alano Bono, 40, on February 16th in which his attorney says was work for the devil.
Arne C. Johnson, 19, of Brookfield, CT, arrives at Danbury Superior Court the place a grand jury was requested to indict him within the stabbing loss of life of Alano Bono, 40, on February sixteenth during which his legal professional stated was work for the satan.Photo; Bettmann Archive/Getty Images

What is the true story of Arne Cheyenne Johnson?

On February 16, 1981, 40-year-old landlord Alan Bono was stabbed to loss of life with a 5-inch pocket knife by 19-year-old Arne Cheyenne Johnson, after the 2 argued outdoors of a canine kennel within the small city of Brookfield, Connecticut. Reportedly, the one witnesses to the crime had been Johnson’s two youthful sisters, and his girlfriend.

Johnson was arrested for first-degree homicide however pleaded “not guilty” in court docket. Though Johnson himself by no means really stated that he was possessed—solely that he didn’t bear in mind the stabbing—his legal professional posed the authorized protection that he had been possessed by a demon on the time of the killing. He made headlines as the primary defendant guilty the satan for his crimes, at a time when the 1973 movie The Exorcist was nonetheless recent within the cultural reminiscence, and perception in demons was on the rise.

According to a 1981 report from the New York Times, Johnson’s girlfriend, Deborah Glatzel (performed by Sarah Catherine Hook within the film) claimed that Johnson had participated within the exorcism of her youthful brother, David (performed by Julian Hilliard within the movie). This declare was backed up by Ed and Lorraine Warren, who had been contacted by the Glatzel to help in an exorcism for David—who they stated was talking in tongues, convulsing, and extra—alongside the St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Brookfield. (The Church denied performing a “formal exorcism.”)

Lorraine Warren instructed the Times that she witnessed Arne Johnson inform the satan to go away David alone and take him as a substitute. ‘He would really say, ‘Come into me – depart the little lad alone,’” she stated.

An excerpt from the Times article concerning Deborah Glatzel’s testimony that her boyfriend was possessed reads:

Miss Glatzel, who had watched ”The Exorcist” on tv with the remaining of her household, and who had attended a minimum of one of the Warrens’ lectures earlier than her brother started to assert his day by day and nightly visions of the satan – a presence all of them confer with as ”the grasp” or ”the beast” – says that her brother instructed her the day after Mr. Bono’s loss of life that he had had a imaginative and prescient.

A superior court docket choose dismissed Johson’s “demonic possession” authorized protection on the grounds that it couldn’t be confirmed. Johnson was convicted of first-degree manslaughter by a jury and given a 10-to-20-year sentence, of which he served almost 5 years. He was released early as a result of good conduct. While in jail, Johnson had his story was made right into a tv film, obtained married to Deborah Glatzel, and obtained a high-school diploma.

All of the above is dramatized within the film, however what’s not talked about in any of that pre- or post-movie textual content is the truth that David Glatzel’s older brother, Carl Glatzel, later sued Lorraine Warren in 2006 saying that the demonic possession of his brother was a hoax created by Warren and her husband.

Glatzel, who’s 55, spoke to an area Connecticut newspaper, The Hartford Courant, and stated that the hoax of his brother’s “demonic possession” ultimately drove him out of the state.

“It was like a living hell. That’s why I moved out of Connecticut,” he stated. “I never did believe in the bullshit.” He told the Associated Press in 2007 that his youthful brother suffered from psychological sickness as a baby, and, based on the lawsuit, stated that the Warrens “concocted a phony story about demons in an attempt to get rich and famous at our expense.”

In 2006, Glatzel sued Warren, together with the publishing company William Morris, and the writer of a “based on a true story” e book in regards to the occasions, Gerald Brittle. The case was finally dismissed, however Brittle stated the e book—The Devil in Connecticut—was taken out of print after the lawsuit.

Suffice to say, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It might technically be “based on a true story,” however’s removed from an correct depiction of historic occasions. And if Carl Glatzel’s accusations are true—that his youthful brother suffered from psychological sickness, not demonic possession—that places the audio of that “exorcism” you hear over the Conjuring 3 credit in a complete new mild.

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