Was Peggy Carter Really in ‘Loki’ Episode 1?

Loki Episode 2 “The Variant” lastly introduced our Loki Variant (Tom Hiddleston) with the one who has been inflicting mayhem for the TVA: Sophia Di Martino‘s Lady Loki (or is it Enchantress?). Our Loki figures out that Di Martino’s Loki should be hiding in “apocalypses” all through historical past, main the staff to the 2050 destruction of Haven Hills, Alabama. The small seaside city was destroyed in a Category 8 hurricane (which isn’t a factor — but) and everybody sheltering in place at a RoxxCart superstore died tragically.

Loki is in a position to determine that Variants can cover inside these cataclysmic occasions as a result of any chaotic selection made — whether or not it’s liberating goats earlier than the destruction of Pompeii or stealing sweet from the RoxxCart retailer cabinets — would haven’t any bearing on the longer term timelines, since nobody affected would survive anyway. It’s a cool idea that opens up a door of potentialities for different timeline-changing Variants to pop up in future apocalyptic hellscapes.

But has Loki on Disney+ already launched us to a different MCU Variant? Some of us are theorizing {that a} Peggy Carter Variant popped up in Loki Episode 1 as an Easter egg. Did Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell) seem in Loki? What does that imply for the MCU’s canon? Did Loki simply erase Marvel’s Agent Carter from existence?! And may Loki be teasing one other main MCU Variant (or timeline villain)?

Here’s what it’s essential to find out about Peggy Carter popping up in Loki…

Loki sees a possible Peggy Carter Variant as a Loki Easter Egg
Photo: Marvel/Disney+

Was There a Peggy Carter Variant in Loki Episode 1?

Maybe? Eagle-eyed Loki viewers might need caught a glimpse of a Peggy Carter variant in the background of Loki Episode 1 “Glorious Purpose.” While Loki makes an attempt to flee the TVA’s custody, he finds himself caught in the labyrinthine hallways of the TVA. At 34:12 minutes into the episode, you’ll be able to see a time door open behind Loki. An unknown Hunter escorts a lady who appears an terrible lot like Agent Carter herself by means of the door.

So what provides? Was {that a} Peggy Carter Variant in Loki?

I’m leaning…sure? Look, if there’s one factor we all know from Avengers: Endgame, it’s that Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) positively modified the entire course of Peggy’s life when he went again to be together with her. A key theme of Agent Carter (and what we thought was the canonical model of Peggy’s life) is that she has to choose herself up after shedding Steve and preserve going. She is even alleged to wed one of many Howling Commandos Steve saves in Captain America: The First Avenger and spend her life mourning the life she ought to have had. But Avengers: Endgame modified all that.

Perhaps the Time Keepers have been high-quality with this new department timeline that Steve created. Maybe Steve and Peggy stored his existence a secret for many years in order to not trigger timeline chaos. Either approach, Peggy’s life positively has some timey-wimey points that want addressing. It shouldn’t be shocking that there are Peggy Carter Variants on the market. In truth, we must always count on it. (Especially since one of many key alternate universe storylines Marvel has already teased in their upcoming Disney+ sequence What If? is one the place Peggy takes the supersoldier serum.)

So lets simply assume it’s a enjoyable little Easter egg and never a prelude to my colleague Alex Zalban‘s darkly comic suggestion that Loki and the TVA erase all the pre-Disney+ MCU shows from existence. (They wouldn’t undo Agent Carter! WOULD THEY?)

That mentioned, I don’t suppose that was actress Hayley Atwell, or else she would have been credited. It’s in all probability a stand-in who simply appears like her. Or, it’s, yeah, only a woman with a Nineteen Forties haircut. Either approach, it’s in all probability only a enjoyable factor and never one thing that might impact the FUTURE plot of the MCU, in contrast to…Mobius’s rival Analyst…

Franklin D Roosevelt High pen in Loki
Photo: Marvel/Disney+

Who is the Loki Analyst Who Went to Franklin D. Roosevelt High School? (And Is Franklin D. Roosevelt Spider-Man’s High School?)

Loki Episode 2 might need simply launched one other Variant in the background or — on the very least — put gas on our “Kang the Conqueror theory” hearth. In a tense scene between Judge Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Agent Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), we study that Mobius isn’t Renslayer’s proverbial “Number One Boy.” There’s one other Analyst she’s working carefully with. One who has introduced again a Snow Globe from San Diego and a pen from Brooklyn’s personal Franklin D. Roosevelt High School.

Mobius is clearly jealous of this thriller Analyst, however who’s he? And why is Franklin D. Roosevelt High School essential in the MCU?

Erik Voss over at New Rockstars has an interesting principle that the rival TVA Analyst is perhaps none apart from a Variant of Mobius himself. If so, as Owen Wilson himself would say, “Wow.” That can be cool? You know what else can be cool? If this different Analyst is…Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror!

Okay, I do know that is going to be the idea that blows up in my face, however between the sculptures of the Time Keepers having severely comparable headgear to Kang, Kang’s canonical historical past pining after Ravonna Renslayer, and the little nod to “Franklin,” I feel it’s Kang!

Franklin D. Roosevelt may sound like the highschool Peter Parker (Tom Holland) attends, but it surely’s not! He attends Midtown High. So why harp on Franklin D. Roosevelt High School as a reputation? Well, one in every of Kang the Conqueror’s alter egos is Franklin B. Richards. Which isn’t like precisely the identical, but it surely’s evocative.

Either approach, Loki Episode 2 makes a heck of much more fuss about this rival Analyst for Mobius for it to not repay.

While Peggy Carter’s background look could possibly be a enjoyable little Easter egg, the thriller Analyst is straight up foreshadowing some cool reveal. (As is the truth that Mobius loves jet skis a lot a jet ski journal seems in the Loki closing credit. Wave Magazine, child! Mobius rides a jet ski or we cancel Disney+!!!)

So count on to satisfy this different Analyst, be he a Mobius Variant or Kang the Conqueror or somebody completely completely different!

(I feel it’s Kang. It’s in all probability Mobius.)

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