YouTuber Lindsey Hughes’ go-to sustainable lifestyle products

As a YouTube content material creator for 11 years, 26-year-old Lindsey Hughes continues to be producing lifestyle-centered movies for her audience of nearly 900,000 to get pleasure from.

While she loves vlogging her day-to-day life, Hughes is eager on discovering sustainability-minded products and is all about magnificence and elegance. After all, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Orange County, CA.

“When I started off on YouTube, everyone was in the beauty and fashion space,” Hughes instructed The Post. “Over the years, vlogging became more popular and I wanted to evolve my content to talk about ‘real life’: highlights, lowlights, mental health, and where I’m at.”

Now, Hughes lives in Boise, Idaho — a a lot completely different lifestyle from rising up in Georgia and residing in LA for 4 years.

“There’s so much nature and it’s such a big state with so many rivers, lakes, and outdoor activities,” she stated. “After visiting, I knew it was the place I wanted to move to. It’s a hidden gem.” Hughes has made a cheerful residence in Boise for about three years thus far.

Lindsey Hughes
Photography courtesy of Devon Seefeldt

And, even together with her transfer outdoors of the favored West Coast vlogging location, she nonetheless pursues content material creation full-time throughout a number of platforms, together with YouTube, Instagram and her Patreon page.

“It’s really cool to be approached by brands I’ve either heard about, followed for years, or purchased from,” she stated. “For the most part, I try to talk about brands that are more sustainable and though all brands aren’t like that, it’s what I look for when agreeing on brand deals.”

Lindsey Hughes’ YouTube Channel, video: “Top 10 Sustainable Swaps.”

Ahead, take a look at Hughes’ sought-after sustainable manufacturers and products she swears by.

Lindsey’s Top 5 Favorite Products

BruMate Toddy 16 Oz. Sunset Insulated Mug, $29.99

BruMate Toddy 16 Oz. Sunset Insulated Mug

“I’ve been using a BruMate for the past year and it’s changed my life,” Hughes stated. “It keeps your drink cold for 24 hours, it’s so iconic, and great in the summer for when I’m camping or by the river.”

OrganiCup Menstrual Cup, $27.95

OrganiCup Menstrual Cup

“Another top favorite is my menstrual cup,” she stated. “It’s a game-changer — I’ve saved hundreds of dollars because I don’t buy other feminine products. Before I used one, I thought they were harder to use, but it lasts long enough to the point of not changing it every hour.”

Flyby Party Recovery & Prevention Pills, $34.99 (initially $39.99)

Flyby Party Recovery & Prevention Pills

“Flyby’s hangover prevention pill is iconic — anyone who drinks needs this,” she stated. “It has a bunch of vitamins in it and I typically use it before I start drinking and at the end of the night before I go to bed.”

Nuuly Women’s Monthly Clothing Rental Subscription, $88 per thirty days

Nuuly Women's Monthly Clothing Rental Subscription

“Using Nuuly as a clothing rental subscription is great because I don’t spend hundreds of dollars on new clothes each month,” she stated. “I get six new pieces each month for $88 a month and I don’t think I’ll ever go back; I’ll be 80 years old and still using Nuuly.”

Everlane The Forever Platform Sneaker, $49 (initially $70)

Everlane The Forever Platform Sneaker

“One of my favorites is my Everlane Forever Platform Sneakers,” she stated. “I love a good Air Force 1, but I wanted to find a sustainable brand for shoes and Everlane good ones, they’re really comfortable, and I wear them about every other day.”

Lindsey’s Favorite Sustainable Products

HotShine Reusable Mesh Grocery Bags, $15.98 (initially $16.98)

HotShine Reusable Mesh Grocery Bags

“I love my cute little reusable bag and I put all of my produce in it when I go grocery shopping,” Hughes stated. “I feel like mine never gets full and I can fit so much in there.”

Specifically, hers is from Plastic Free Pursuit.

Urban Noon Reusable Produce Bags (8-Pack), $18.99

Urban Noon Reusable Produce Bags (8-Pack)

“I love muslin cotton produce bags because they close at the top, so when I go to the bulk section of the grocery store to pick up pasta or flour, they’re so practical,” she stated.

Girlfriend Collective Shell Sport Brief, $18

Girlfriend Collective Shell Sport Brief

“I like everything from Girlfriend Collective, especially its no-show undies,” she stated. “They’re the most comfortable pair I’ve worn, have no seams, and won’t show through any of your clothes.”

Matt and Nat Sal Card Case, $14.97 (initially $28)

Matt and Nat Sal Card Case

“Matt and Nat has a cardholder I use as a wallet,” she stated. “It’s affordable, holds all of my essentials and looks designer.”

WeGreeCo. Washable Cotton Rounds, $7.99

WeGreeCo. Washable Cotton Rounds

“I’ve tried four brands of reusable cotton rounds and these are the best,” she stated. “They’ve held up so well, I use them for my toner and nail polish remover, and I toss them in my normal wash regularly.”

Plaine Products Natural Refillable Shampoo, $30

Plaine Products Natural Refillable Shampoo

“Plaine Products is a sister-owned brand in Ohio and all of their products come in a stainless steel container,” she stated. “I love the shampoo and conditioner because when I need a refill, they send me a free return slip and give me more product.”

Plus, she stated the products final for a very long time, work effectively with color-treated hair, and look “so good” displayed in your bathe.

Dropps Stain & Odor Detergent, $18 per thirty days (or, $24 to purchase as soon as)

Dropps Stain & Odor Detergent

Dropps is a subscription service that provides dishwashing pods sustainably,” she stated. “It’s one of the first brands I found for sustainable detergent, too.”

Papr ‘Bright Shiny Morning’ Zero Waste Paper Deodorant, $14

Papr 'Bright Shiny Morning' Zero Waste Paper Deodorant

Papr is the best sustainable deodorant brand I’ve tried,” she stated. “Other brands didn’t work well and Papr has a strong scent with biodegradable cardboard packaging.”

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